Cures for a Hangover ...

Who doesn’t love the occasional sip of a margarita every now and then – especially after a bummer week at work – but what do you do if you’ve had one glass too many? AOL Health brings us a list of the top hangover helpers that will allow you to **ditch the aspirin **and stay away from the toilet seat first thing in the morning:

1. RU-21 Supplement

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Experts say that this pill – which slows down the creation of nasty byproducts that cause headaches and nausea – could work, but only to a point. What matters is, if it works for you, go for it!

2. Drink up – Not More Alcohol, but Water

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Water is supposed to eliminate dehydration which can be the result of drinking too much alcohol. Try drinking a lot of water after parting with your drinking buddies – and down a glass every couple of hours, throughout the night.

3. Gatorade

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This is a more effective substitute for water – and the secret is to counteract the effects of dehydration while at the same time helping your body absorb the fluid more quickly.

4. Other Hangover Cures

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If these top 3 solutions do not work, try having a big dinner right before drinking – never drink on an empty stomach! The other effective solution? Exercise. It’ll keep your mind off your hangover – and you’ll get to work off that beer belly, too!

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