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7 Ways to Conserve Water ...

By Jennifer

We all know we need to conserve our natural resources, but sometimes even though our intentions are good, we just don’t know exactly how to do that. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post with tips on how to conserve paper… now, let’s talk about ways to conserve water!

1 Don’t Run It While Brushing

Don’t Run It While BrushingPhoto Credit: Phiadosa

This one is very simple, but it’s actually hard to do, because most of us are already in the habit of running the water while we’re brushing our teeth. Think of all that water, just washing down the drain, while we’re brushing our teeth, though…

2 Don’t Run It While Doing Dishes

Don’t Run It While Doing DishesPhoto Credit: kelly.kaye

Just the same as running the water while we’re brushing our teeth, we can save lots of water by just turning it off while we’re doing the dishes.

3 Buy Low-use Appliances

Buy Low-use AppliancesPhoto Credit: kellinasf

Most clothes and dishwashers are now designed to use far less water than their older counterparts. In fact, clothes washers use so much less water, they need special detergents, marked with the HE symbol.

4 Wash Only Full Loads

When you’re running the dishwasher or the clothes washer, make sure to fill the machines first. Running a half-filled dishwasher uses just as much water as washing a full load, so why not hold of washing the dishes until there’s a full load?

5 Set up Rain Barrels

Set up Rain BarrelsPhoto Credit: nicolas.boullosa

Rather than using your hose to water your garden, why not set up rain barrels to use rainfall to irrigate your tomatoes and eggplants? They’re easy to set up, and construction designs can be found online, or at most home improvement or hardware stores.

6 Shower, Don’t Bathe

Shower, Don’t BathePhoto Credit: Miss Aniela

Showering uses so much less water than bathing! If you don’t believe me, then the next time you’re in the shower, plug the drain and see how nearly empty the tub is when you’re done. Typically the tub will be about half as full as you would fill it if you were taking a bath…

7 Multi-task

This is so weird, but really, it makes sense. Why not brush your teeth in the shower while you’re waiting for your conditioner to set? Or use a toilet cleaner that cleans the bowl each time you flush the toilet? These types of things can easily save a lot of water, too…

Conserving water is so important! Just by doing these few things, you can save hundreds of gallons of water each month, and over a year, maybe thousands. Do you have any other tips for conserving water? Please let me know!

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