7 Ways to Re-use Plastic Bottles ...

Do you ever feel bad thinking about all those plastic soda bottles you just toss in the trash? Well kiss those bad feelings goodbye! I have the solution to your problem: Here are 7 creative, useful ways to re-use your plastic bottles!

1. Ice Cold Drinks

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Photo Credit: Bruhumssen

After you empty a bottle of all the soda, wash it out and fill it 2/3 with water and freeze it. Then, the next time you make tea or any other warm beverage, pour it into the bottle and it will get cold fast! You can also use these bottles of frozen water in coolers to keep your food cold.

2. Potpourri Jar

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Photo Credit: uniquegarden

This is a cute idea. Cut off the bottom of a plastic soda bottle and fill it with potpourri. Cover the top with lace or a pretty doily and tie it with ribbon. Now you have a lovely smelling centerpiece for your table or a thoughtful gift for your mother-in-law!

3. Flower Pot

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Photo Credit: Balliolman

This is another adorable idea! Again, cut off the bottom of the soda bottle. You can paint the outside in the color of your choice. When dry, fill it with planting soil and put a flower inside. Use to adorn your porch or to give as a little gift!

4. Kiddie Craft

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Do you have any small children to entertain? Here’s something to keep them occupied for a while! Fill an empty, clean soda bottle of any size with equal parts of water and baby oil. Add some food coloring and glitter then secure the lid. If necessary, tape the lid shut so curious fingers won’t pry it open. Be sure and remove the wrapper from the bottle so that little eyes can be fascinated with the sparkly show!

5. Work-out Equipment

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Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

Save up to $10 on hand-held weights and make your own! Fill different sized bottles with water and sand and then wrap ace bandages or scotch tape around the section you will use to grip it so you can hold on better. That’s a neat idea!

6. Christmas Deco

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Photo Credit: tshane

Bet you didn’t know empty plastic bottles could make a gorgeous Christmas display! Feed your LED Christmas lights into plastic bottles then rope them around any outside patio or tree. The result is gorgeous! You can use it through summer as well.

7. Emergency Funnel

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Photo Credit: Ivy Dawned

The top of any size plastic bottle makes a great funnel! Cut it off at the length you want and then you can toss it away after you use it or save it for future use. It’s better to toss it if you use it to funnel things like grease or blood (from an animal like a deer or a cow) or something like motor oil.

I just love finding ways to re-use and recycle! It makes me feel good knowing I’m helping the environment and being savvy too. Do you know of any other ways to re-use plastic bottles?

Top Photo Credit: Toni F.

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