7 Tips to Keeping Your Bathroom Smelling and Looking Great ...

By Mercy

7 Tips to Keeping Your Bathroom Smelling and Looking Great ...

Whether you care to admit it or not, most people spend a good 2 hours a day in their bathrooms. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be a place that is inviting and appealing to the eye and nose. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, there are a number of ways you can make it look fantastic without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are 7 tips to keeping your bathroom smelling and looking great.

1 A Few Well Placed Plants

Potted plants can do wonders for any room and more so for a bathroom. If you have a little space in your bathroom, consider placing a few pots in a neglected corner. The natural light your bathroom receives should be sufficient to nurture your selection. It gives the room a homely and warm atmosphere while at the same time absorbing any unpleasant odors.

2 A Weekly Scrub down

A weekly thorough bathroom scrub down is essential to keep it looking and smelling clean. Use good quality cleaners and brushes to scrape down all the dirt and grime that collects after repeated use. Also if a regular scrub down is performed, it is usually easier to complete than if your cleaning activities are less frequent.

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3 Spray the Rugs with Fabric Freshener

Bathroom rugs get damp with the moisture that collects in bathrooms and can start to stink. A monthly pop in the washing machine can take out the dampness but it is also wise to regularly spray them with a fabric refresher. This keeps away the dank odors away and makes your bathroom smell fresher.

4 Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

We can’t imagine the walls of our home without a few pictures so why shouldn’t our bathrooms be any different. A few well-placed pictures reflecting your bathroom’s theme can really add to the warmth and comfort of the surrounding. Seaside pictures can effectively accent a blue-themed bathroom and some animal cartoons can add to a child’s bathroom.

5 A Few Scented Candles

Scented candles are not only pretty but they smell lovely. Choose a candle with a color and scent that suits your bathroom theme and place them at strategic locations on your bathroom counter. Rather than adding room freshener, just light the candle whenever you feel the room could use a fresh scent.

6 Folded Towels

Folded towels make any bathroom look neat and well kept. Instead of hanging them in an ugly random fashion on the towel rod, fold them lengthwise into half and hang them to dry. You will find they dry just as well and ensure your bathroom looks neat and well maintained at the same time.

7 Clutter Free Counter

Your bathroom counter is not the place to keep all your hair products, lotions and creams or your husband’s after-shave. A cluttered bathroom counter immediately makes your bathroom look ugly and messy. Invest in a bathroom cabinet and if you already have one, start using it. You will find your bathroom transformed.

Keeping your bathroom smelling and looking great can be easier and cheaper than you think. A few clever tips like those mentioned above can take it from boring and mundane to attractive and appealing almost overnight.

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I am in love with scented candles. I got a bunch of them in each bathroom.

thank you for these wonderful tips ,many ladies required these tips and also my newly-wed cousin who has just shifted in a new house.can you tell me something about suggesting topics ind making some improvements in those if i like to do so??????????

I like good smelling sparkling bathroom for my house.These tips are helpful. Scented candle is my choice also. ifpossible dont use rug inside the bathroom.



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