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7 Environment Friendly Household Practices ...

By Denise

Environmental conservation is an important cause supported by many individuals and organizations. Time, effort, and a lot of money are put into spreading information about this cause. Many have joined the effort and are living “greener” lifestyles. You can also help save the environment through the little things you do at home. Here are seven environment-friendly household practices to incorporate into your daily life.

1 Line Drying Clothes

Line Drying ClothesPhoto Credit: ♥ Angel of light ♥

If your community and the weather allow it, opt to line dry your clothes instead of using the dryer. You can use the spin cycle to get out most of the water from your clothes to hasten the drying time. This practice will save on energy consumption and money, as well as reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

2 Dishwasher Vs. Manual Washing

Dishwasher Vs. Manual WashingPhoto Credit: TheAmazingShrinkingMan

There are many dishwashers that are efficient when it comes to energy and water consumption. If you have a full load of dishes to wash, then it is good to use an efficient dishwasher. But if you only need to wash a couple of plates, then it would be better to hand wash them. To further reduce energy consumption, choose to air-dry your dishes instead of using the dryer setting of your dishwasher.

3 Proper Sorting and Disposing of Trash

Proper Sorting and Disposing of TrashPhoto Credit: rotate arbitrary

Sorting your household trash can greatly help the environment. You can have separate garbage bins for biodegradables, recyclables, and non-biodegradables. If you have any chemical or toxic wastes, make sure that you dispose of them properly.

4 Making a Compost Pit

Making a Compost PitPhoto Credit: dkhlucy

Make good use of your biodegradable waste by creating your own compost pit. You can use the decomposed garbage as plant fertilizer. You can even create a business out of this practice by selling the compost.

5 Reusing and Recycling

Reusing and RecyclingPhoto Credit: don and cheryl

A great way to help the environment is by finding ways to reuse and recycle your garbage. Check your community for recycling centers. You can use reusable items for arts and crafts. Be resourceful and creative when trying to get more out of your household waste.

6 Using Lights Efficiently

Using Lights EfficientlyPhoto Credit: Joel_Whitaker

Turn off the lights if you plan to leave a room for more than a couple of minutes. Exchange your old incandescent light bulbs for more energy efficient ones like compact fluorescent bulbs and LED lights.

7 Using Energy-efficient Appliances

Using Energy-efficient AppliancesPhoto Credit: Philips Communications

When upgrading or buying new appliances, choose to buy ones that have energy efficient features and settings. They can help reduce your carbon footprint, as well as save money on bills. Remember to unplug any appliance that is not in use.

The little things that take place in your household can impact, not only the immediate members of the family, but as well as the rest of society. Set an example for your children and the people in your life. You play an important role in changing people’s perception of environmental conservation. Be conscious of your daily household practices and make an impact in the fight against the destruction of our environment.

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