8 Ways to Make Your Home Environment Friendly ...


8 Ways to Make Your Home Environment Friendly ...
8 Ways to Make Your Home Environment Friendly ...

More and more people are becoming environment conscious today and are looking for ways to make their lifestyles more environment-friendly. There are many ways in which you can ensure that you have the least possible negative impact on the environment, including making the right changes in your home. Here are ways to make your home environment friendly.

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Use Solar Power

What was extremely complicated as well as expensive some time ago has become far more accessible now. Installing solar panels and using solar energy to provide electricity in your house is one of the best ways to make your home environment friendly.


Rain Water Harvesting

If you have even a small garden or a back yard, you can get rain barrels to harvest rain water. You can then use this water for activities like watering your garden, washing your car etc. and put less pressure on community resources.


Managing Water in the House

Ensure that there is no wastage of water in the house. Fix leaking taps. Also consider getting aerosol spray faucets which also come in add on attachments for existing taps. These will ensure that the water pressure from the tap is high while water usage is minimal.


Try Natural Ventilation

Having natural ventilation in your house is another of the important ways to make your home environment friendly. Not only will you need to use your heaters and air conditioners less, you will also eliminate buildup of toxic chemicals in the house.


Try Natural Lighting

Try using natural light as much as possible. Get skylights in every room of the house so that sunlight can come in and light up the room during the day. Ensure that your windows are not always heavily curtained.


Buy Energy Saving Appliances

Buy energy saving appliances. Look for energy saving labels to see how much energy the product is able to save and how environment friendly it is considered. You can even exchange your current appliances for eco friendly ones at reasonable rates.


Use Energy Saving Lighting

Make use of CFL bulbs instead of using incandescent lights. These will help you save energy as well as money and will last a lot longer. Another option is to have LED lights wherever possible. Also consider controlling lights with infrared or motion sensors so that lights come on only when someone is present in the room.


Proper Waste Management

Separate your waste as organic and inorganic waste. You can send your inorganic waste for recycling and use your organic waste in a small compost pit to make mulch, or fertilizer, for your garden.

These are just ways to make your home environment friendly. Practicing these methods will not only help you reduce the negative impact you have on the environment, but will also help you save money. Once you have started practicing these methods, start looking for other ways in which you can make your home environment friendly.

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