7 Things to Remember to Recycle ...


7 Things to Remember to Recycle ...
7 Things to Remember to Recycle ...

Recycling is such an important issue in the preservation of our beautiful world. Word is spreading and more and more people are taking an active step in working to re-use items rather than having to make more. We know the basic items we can recycle like plastic containers, paper products, newspapers, etc. But I've found several things that I didn't know was possible to recycle, so I thought I'd share them with you!

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Foam Packaging

You know those little pellet looking things that kids love to make a mess with when you receive a shipment? They're recyclable! They are made from expanded "polystyrene" which contains recycled material. You can also recycle the big pieces that are used to cushion computers, televisions and air conditioners. For more info on how to recycle them, you can visit loosefillpackaging.com and www.epspackaging.org.


Potato Chip Bags

Foil packaging used to wrap what I consider "junk food" is also recyclable. Believe it or not, with recycling chip bags, it's as simple as just putting them in your paper bin!


Ink & Toner Cartridges

Many of you may know this one, as Staples has put the rewards thing into practice with so many dollars back for every one you bring in. You may not know, though, that you can also send them in to www.greendisk.com.


Old Meds

I'm not quite sure as to the safety of this one, but there are some places that have started recycling old medications. From what I understand, the pills that are in the pellet packaging, and are unopened are put into circulation, and those that can't be reused are properly disposed of to prevent medications from getting into the water supply. (Since so many people like to flush them down the toilet.) Only certain states are currently participating, so check this site: ncsl.org to find out if you're able to participate.


Carpets, Rugs, & Padding

You can find some places that will recycle carpeting products, though the areas are limited. You should check local listings to find out if you can find a carpet recycling resource near you.



Single use batteries, rechargeable batteries, car batteries, you name it! You can turn them in at some local recycling lots, If there isn't one near you that accepts them, go to www.greendisk.com. Recycling batteries is a very important matter today. Millions of batteries are sold each year for flashlights, toys, games and other electronics. However, sitting in a landfill, they release heavy metals and other toxic substances in the air and water, which isn't good at all! Recycle them, please!


Jewel Cases, Audio & Video Tapes, CD's DVD's, PDA's

Sure enough, these items can also be recycled! greendisk.com has all the answers. Another nifty tip for your scratched CD's and DVD's, and even damaged Nintendo games is to recycle them to be able to get more years of enjoyment out of them! Visit auraltech.com to find out how you can get them refinished where they'll be good as new!

I know that sometimes, people can go just a little too far on "saving the world" to the extreme that people's lives are endangered. I'm not going to hug a tree to the point that my life is put in the balance. However, I see nothing wrong with doing my part to help make life better for everyone! What ideas do you have about recycling? Care to share?

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