11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Complexion ...


11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Complexion ...
11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Complexion ...

Dreaming of having pristine and dewy-soft skin? Or are you one of the precious few who have it and are fretting about how to keep it that way? Tired of reading about crazy, never-heard-of-ingredients face masks? Well, we have nothing against those solutions, but we’re tired of them too. Hence, this back-to-the-basics list of easy solutions for a great complexion.

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Drink Water

Yes you’ve heard it before, but this works and is as easy as… drinking water. Eight to ten glasses per day will wash out the toxins from your system, cleaning up your body and face!


Keep Your Face Clean

This is an old one too… but we all know that old is gold. If you have oily skin, wash your face in cool water as often as you can and pat dry. This will prevent clogged pores and blackheads.


Warm and Cold Water

When you wash your face, use warm water first when you rinse your face. This opens up your pores to let in the cleanser! Then, after you've washed and exfoliated, rinse with cool water to close your pores. This allows for a deeper cleaning with every wash, and bright, renewed skin!


Keep Hair Away

Hair carries dust, oil, and sometimes dandruff. None of these things contribute to a glowingly clear face. So tie your hair back as often as possible so that it is not in constant contact with the sides of your face or your forehead.


Facials Regularly

Once every few weeks, make sure you give your face some much-needed TLC! However, don't fall into the trap of frequent beauty treatments. Applying face masks on your face too often will tire and disturb the natural balance of your skin.



The truth is, we live on a dangerous planet. The rays of light you walk around in every day damage your skin greatly over time! After washing your face in the morning, make sure you apply a sunscreen-moisturizer duo. That way your skin is provided for and protected throughout the day!


Moisturize at Night

It’s protection during the day and prevention at night. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep. So a light night cream, after removing all make-up will gently assist your skin’s rejuvenation process.



My favorite, and simultaneously least favorite, method of taking care of my face is steaming! Steaming your face basically submurges your skin cells into a mini steam room, created by a bowl of steaming water over which you place your face. Cover your head and the bowl with a towel in order to trap in all the heat. I love this because it makes my skin look refreshed all over, but hate it because it is unbearably hot! But what was it your mother always said... Beauty is pain!


You don’t have to trust your face to the care of the experts every time. Your refrigerator and green grocer have some amazing skincare products. Some cold milk dabbed on with cotton will instantly refresh and re-hydrate. A slice of chilled tomato rubbed over your face thrice a week will lighten dark spots and kindle the glow. A face scrub of sugar and olive oil will polish away dead skin and oil wells.


Avoid Face Makeup

Foundation is a Catch-22 of sorts. You need it to cover up your blemishes, but then it clogs your pores and gives you blemishes! What's a girl to do? Simply avoid face makeup, such as foundation, as often as possible. It may freak you out at first, and you’ll feel insecure for a while, but everything will certainly work out in the end!



The easiest of all beauty treatments is also among the most effective. Heard the term ‘beauty sleep’? Well it’s not grandmotherly lore. The prescribed 7-8 hours of sound sleep will prevent wrinkled skin, dull and puffy eyes and dark circles. That’s a big contribution towards a more beautiful you.

So take a good look at yourself in the mirror and head for your kitchen. You will look and feel great when you come back out!

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My dad says there's water at home.. So I can't drink a lot of water. But I'll try getting to bed earlier ^^, Thanks~ :] Also, a question: Which is better? - 20 minute power naps - napping for 2-3 hours I'm exhausted when I get home from school and I wanna nap, but I don't know how long to sleep that would give me the most energy.

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