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Doesn’t it seem like just about every skin care line focuses most of their attention on anti-aging treatments? I mean, gosh. What about our age group? Our skin needs attention too. So for those of us who were born in the late ‘70’s to mid ‘80’s, here are some skin care products that are suitable for our generation. So, embrace your youth while it lasts, because before we know it, we too will be reaching for Maybelline Age Rewind on the shelves.
1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser
It seems like a mere 15 minutes ago, our moms were commanding us to take our vitamins. Well, hey, they were right. And our skin needs it too. This cream cleanser by The Body Shop is infused with vitamin E, shea butter, and organic soy oil. It compliments any skin type, so it’s gentle enough to use daily.

2. Philosophy Falling In Love Perfumed Body Lotion
Is it just me or do a lot of perfumed body lotions lack in the moisturizing department? Um…isn’t that kind of the purpose of body lotion? Well, I’ll keep names to myself for now, but thank God for Philosophy. Their sweet fragrance, Falling In Love also comes in a body lotion that actually moisturizes and conditions the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

3. Mistral Shea Butter
I’m a huge fan of multi-purpose beauty products. Not only are they economical, but also it saves more room in my bathroom and cosmetic bag- especially for traveling. Alright, I’ll cut to the chase- this 100% natural white butter comes from a shea tree in Africa. In case you’re unaware, shea butter has amazing healing properties. It solves various skin problems such as chapped lips, dry skin, sunburn, and even hair.

4. Billy Jealousy Wipe Out Eye Cream
Puffy eyes and dark circles occur at any age…do post-adolescent hangovers ring a bell? Well, this eye cream by Billy Jealousy is made with lactic acid, which helps alleviate puffiness, and licorice, to help diminish rings around the eyes. Unless you want your new nickname to be Lord of the Rings, perhaps you should give this a try.

5. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap- Extra Mild
If you’ve got dry skin, then this is the cleanser for you. The name is pretty self explanatory- it’s mild, so it’s safe to use twice a day. You might also want to consider using its sidekick, Clinique Clarifying Lotion Mild, as the two work well together for dry skin types.

6. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish
Ah, another one of my beloved multi-purpose beauty items. Pamper your skin with this exfoliator and moisturizer in one. It has a soothing citrus scent and its grainy particles from the brown sugar smooth away impurities and dead skin cells.

7. Not Soap Radio Say It With Suds You’re The Perfect Roommate bath/shower gel
Pardon the lengthy name, but is this not the coolest shower gel? It’s the perfect little gift for the perfect roommate (though I’m sad to say that many of you don’t exactly have a great roommate. But, I empathize… good ol’ college days). It has a cherry/almond scent and it’s formulated with natural shea nut oil. So show your appreciation to your roomie in soap form. Mmm…don’t steal a drop when you’re in the shower! ;)

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet! Save 20% on your next Botox injection. This miracle in a bottle will knock off ten years! Yep, we 80’s babies are somewhat ignored in the skin care industry. But who cares, right? As you can see, we still have access to awesome products for our face and body. Plus, we just happen to be the object of 30 and 40 somethings’ envy.

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hi olga.. im a little confused as to what u are saying? i never suggested having surgery!! i was actually saying to buy better products like after i started using dermalogica products my skin cleared up and i dont have dry flaky skin anymore.. so im pretty much saying the same thing as you... thanks for the link for hair products!!

try proactiv. Works for me to some extent, i'm 22.

Hi Marina, I was just disagreeing on the "too expensive for 20-smth. girls" part. I was just saying that it's never too early to save up for the best beauty products, as they'll pay you big later on, that's all :) Hope you liked those hair masks! I've been using Kerastase one since Christmas and it totally saved my traces! (I kind of burnt my hair a bit with my friend's hair straightener and nothing could make it soft and silky again except for this mask! I know they say silicon based products do not moisturize your hair, they just create an illusion, but I've tried the "natural" ones for months and they didn't do a thing. And this Kerastase mask brought my hair to life right after the first time I used it! Anyway, hope you find a product that'll work for your locks! ;)

any tps for bleacheads and large pores and dark cirkles try a lot of things but so far nothing

What about those of us with acne skin? Im 21 and immune to most teen products (clearacil etc) but cannot find any spot fighting creams for 20- 30 yr olds.

its a bit expensive.. especially considering most us are finishing off uni or working to pay off student loans.. but its about the only rang thats worked for me.. i am 22, i have sensitive skin which is also prone to acne and worst of all (this is pretty common on asian skin) acne scarring... im using dermalogica's special cleansing gel, skin prep scrub (three times a week), ultrasensitive faceblock 25 (morning) and active moist (evening).. i use garnier 2 in 1 eyes n face make up remover at night.. super cheap and great for getting rid of waterproof mascara.. i also use the garnier honey masks when my skin is feeling dry and need of moisture ( theyr like 99p a sachet from boots) now just looking for the best shampoo..my hairs super dry and chemically treated and coloured any advice???

Neutrogena has a cleanser and lotion that evens out your skin tone. It called visibly even..perfect for those pesky acne scars..it has spf 15 in it too so its also safe to use with ohter topical acne astringents.

Hi, This is great help but my problem unfortunatly is lines! I'm only 21 but have lines around my eyes forming already. Does anyone else have this problem and have any tips or suggestions? Thanks x

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