10 Top Tips for Cleansing Your Skin ...


10 Top Tips for Cleansing Your Skin ...
10 Top Tips for Cleansing Your Skin ...

If you live in an urban area, you’re probably aware of how dirty your skin gets from the pollution. I know that when I’m in London and cleanse my skin at the end of the day, the cotton wool pads are absolutely black! It really is important to get all the dirt out, whether you wear makeup or not, so here are my ten tips for cleansing your skin.

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Direction Photo Credit: gr3m

Whether you use lotion or a liquid wash, always work in the following way. Move upwards and outwards. Working in this way follows the direction of the muscles – working against them will help cause lines.



Regularity Photo Credit: AmyKClark!

Try to stick to a twice a day routine as much as possible (let’s be honest, there are times when we all can’t be bothered). As I mentioned above, city life makes the skin very dirty, so regular cleansing will help deal with the effects of pollution.


Keep Toned

Keep Toned Photo Credit: BrookeMarton

Using toner after cleansing does not, as is often thought, remove the remaining dirt. Its purpose is to remove any cleanser left on the skin, as the cleanser has done its job and will do no good if left.


Panda Eyes

Panda Eyes Photo Credit: trisarahhtops

This is a well-known rule, but I’ll repeat it anyway. Never leave your makeup on overnight, no matter how tired you are. Otherwise not only will you end up with eyes like a panda, but makeup all over your pillow. Plus your skin won’t thank you.


Gentle Touch

Gentle Touch Photo Credit: Chönóphotos!

The skin under and around the eyes is extremely fine and delicate, so treat it with great care. Never pull or rub the skin; instead, pat cream or cleanser in with a finger, and remove just as delicately. Always use products specially formulated for the eye area.


Clean Hands …

Clean Hands … Photo Credit: Stephen K Lee

Since the purpose of cleansing is, well, to cleanse, make sure that if you touch your face, your hands are clean. If not, you will be transferring any dirt on your hands to your face.


Scrubber …

Scrubber … Photo Credit: Crystalwood Naturals

Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin, but avoid over-use of scrubs. Be especially careful if you have sensitive skin. Once a week is the general guide.


Out, Damned Spot!

Out, Damned Spot! Photo Credit: lizskincare

Many of us are prone to blackheads and blocked pores. If you have a persistant problem with these, go to a dermatologist to get them sorted. This is better than going to a beauty salon, as they are not experts. And definitely don’t try to remove them yourself!

Tell us about your beauty routine – do you have any tips? Do you love expensive brands, or swear by simple methods?

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Actually, the purpose of toner is to rebalance the pH level of the skin, as cleansers (and even just water) lowers it quite drastically. Toner takes the pH level back up to a normal level, it has nothing to do with removing cleanser or dirt ^_^

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