7 Vitamins That Are Good for the Skin ...

Maintaining a healthy glow isn’t always achieved through genetics, some of us have to really work at it. The following list of 7 vitamins that are good for the skin are available in most stores and sometimes they are even combined into a single pill. Research on the effects certain vitamins have on the skin can be found all over the net. Here’s a quick list to save you some time in trying to look up each type of vitamin. I’ve also provided some foods that contain each vitamin as well.

7. Vitamin K

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Photo Credit: Dan Rubin

Vitamin K has a lot to offer, both as an internal supplement and as a topical ointment. Internally, vitamin K can’t do much for skin. However, when it is added to skin creams, it is an excellent remedy for circles that form under the eyes. It also helps reduce the sign of bruising on the skin too. Foods with vitamin K in them include kale, spinach, Swiss chard, watercress, and most leafy greens. Since vitamin K taken internally doesn’t help skin that much, then it’s best to look for creams that have vitamin K added to them.

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