7 Bad Habits That Affect Your Skin ...


7 Bad Habits That Affect Your Skin ...
7 Bad Habits That Affect Your Skin ...

A lot of things can have a bad effect on your skin if you aren't careful. Some of them you can't control but many of them you can, and those are the ones I'm focusing on here. Skin is a gift, you know; you have to take care of it. So keep in mind these 7 bad habits that affect your skin.

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Smoking is horrible for your skin. It dries it out and can, after many years, leave your skin with a rough, dry, leathery kind of look. It decreases the flow of blood to your skin as well, and can have a horrible effect on both collagen and elastic. That can make your skin look doughy and saggy, which will make you look older long before your time.



Excessive alcohol is bad for your skin as well, primarily because it leaves it so dehydrated. That dulls your natural radiance, which will also make you look old and tired no matter what your age. Drinking too much will also enlarge and expand the blood vessels in your skin, which is what creates those spreading, spidery veins, especially around your nose and in your cheeks. Worst of all, if you already have problems with your skin, drinking will exacerbate it.


UV Rays

Not only is the sun bad for your skin, but spending too much time under sunlamps and in tanning beds is just awful for you too. Say what you will about sunless tanners, but they're a much better alternative – as long as you don't overuse them and develop an orange patina. Too many UV rays will cause wrinkles and dehydration, not to mention the dangers of cancer.


Popping Zits

I know how tempting this can be, I really do; I'm often guilty of it myself. It's also tempting to pick at scabs created by pimples. Both can have horrible effects, though. Not only are you spreading bacteria around your skin and forcing it deeper, you also run the risk of permanently marking your face with scars and pock marks. It's much better to just let the pimples fade on their own, with the help of a good skin care regimen.



There's some debate about whether or not caffeine is really bad for your skin, but enough evidence points to “yes” that it's probably a good idea to at least use moderation when drinking caffeinated beverages. Caffeine is known to act like a diuretic, so it can dry out your skin. Conversely, however, some research says that caffeine might be able to protect you against skin cancer, so it's definitely worth some extra research.


No Sleep

You know, beauty sleep isn't really such a myth. You do need it. Unfortunately, for most people, it's the one thing they don't get enough of. I know I don't. But without enough sleep, your body might increase its production of stress hormones, which will in turn decrease the amount of collagen your skin receives, and that is very bad. Sleeping around a humidifier can be extremely helpful – and try to get enough sleep!


Sleeping with Makeup

I'm guilty of this one as well, I hardly ever wash off my makeup. That's evidently really terrible, because your makeup will actually grind itself into your skin and your pores, thereby creating irritations like pimples and blemishes. It's way better to spend a few minutes washing off your makeup, preferably with a good cleanser, and remember to moisturize as well.

Some of these, I didn't even realize would damage my skin. I really need to change my habits. What about you? Do you have any skincare secrets?

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I'm guilty of not enough sleep! I almost never get a full night of sleep because of all my homework

i do all of these except sleeping with make up lmfao..... not good? :P

I now only do number 4. I have done all in the past but cut them all out.

I am guilty of UV damage.

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