7 Things That Make Your Skin Look Old ...


If you want to have healthy looking skin and look younger than you really are, then you need to be good to your skin. Below, I am going to give you 7 things that make your skin look old and remember, start having good skin care, before you start aging.

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The Sun

The Sun Photo Credit: Extra Medium

For all of you who like to lay out in the sun a lot, sure, your skin may look good right now, but that sun is going to cause you to age. Besides, there is nothing wrong with having your natural skin color – I have never been tanned and love my white glow. The sun will increase the free radicals that will go about eroding the collagen that is needed for young looking skin.



Photo Credit: Helga Weber

If you are smoking, put it down. Not only does this add years to your skin, but there are many other harmful things it will do to your body. So, your best bet would be to quit smoking. Besides, it's gross.



Alcohol Photo Credit: borsalino1951

I never understood really why anyone would want to drink alcohol for the sole pleasure of being wasted. I don't know about you, but I like remembering everything and I don't like letting my guard down. So, just quit drinking. Besides, alcohol damages your skin.


Cold Weather

Cold Weather Photo Credit: CountryDreaming

Being exposed to cold weather can damage your skin and cause it to age fast. If you live where it is cold a lot, there's pretty much nothing you can do about those low temperature. Just make sure that if you go out in the cold, you use a good moisturizer that is alcohol free.


Little Sleep

Little Sleep Photo Credit: 'SeraphimC

Little sleep will surely make your skin look horrible. One of the first places lack of sleep shows up would be the face. You will develop dark bags under your eyes and sagging skin. This is also a big factor in memory loss and symptoms of depression.



Photo Credit: witweightloss.com

Dehydration can also cause your skin to age quickly. It is important that you avoid dehydration. The human body is made up of around sixty percent water. Constantly, we are losing our water through our skin, through our lungs and when we urinate. You need to constantly replenish yourself with fluids.


No Nutrition

No Nutrition Photo Credit: wallpaperstock.net

Yes, nutrition is an important factor. Even if you are living a busy life, you need to make sure you consume a well balanced diet. Many of us do not eat everything we should be eating. Our bodies need to have vitamins, protein, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients in order to keep our skin looking young. Make sure you include fruits and vegetables in your diet along with some whole wheat grains.

Those are 7 things that make your skin look old. If you want to have healthy looking skin, then you know what to do – eat a proper diet, stop smoking, avoid tanning in the sun, don't drink alcohol, make sure you get enough sleep, moisturize and stay hydrated. So, are you being good to your skin?

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I think its a bad sign that i'm only 16 and i already do all that lol, btw you forgot make up.

@ zara : yes you're right but we still have to take care of our beautiful skin. LOL

dehydration, weather and no sleep are the major ones.

These are all true! I agree that these can cause your skin to age a lot more. But I guess it's no more a problem these times because with the latest technology we have, there's a solution to anti aging.

Sunbeds & Coffee dont help either though x

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