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4 Ways to Naturally Protect Your Skin during Winter...

By Diana

It's already getting cold here and that makes me worry about dry skin problems that occur every Winter, especially with my hands. I love the beauty of the snow and landscapes, but I really dislike the freezing temperatures. What is a woman to do when she has to travel out in the chilly weather? Well there are ways we can protect ourselves and our skin, here to tell us 4 Ways to Naturally Protect Your Skin during Winter is guest blogger Suzie...
Natural & Simple Ways to Protect Your Skin...
"I know, I know - we've not even reached pumpkin time yet, & there are still a few warm days left. But if you start adjusting your routine now, you won't have to deal with chapped lips & a sore face come November. It doesn't need to be complex - sound natural skin care, decent nutrition & a bit of common sense should go a long way towards keeping you feeling smooth & lovely all winter long.
Invest in a great moisturizer & use warm water - not hot...
Perhaps you avoid moisturizer over summer because your skin gets oily when it's warm, or maybe you use something very light for the same reason. Over winter, though, the drying effects of wind & central heating mean you'll need greater protection for your skin (moisturizer really works by keeping existing moisture in, not adding more). Choose something that's free from any chemicals that could dry or irritate your skin.

Wash your face with lukewarm water - too hot & you risk breaking capillaries (those very thin veins) if you go straight out into the cold afterwards. Splash your face with cooler water after washing, pat dry (don't scrub with the towel, as this can damage your epidermis) & smooth your moisturizer on before applying make-up. For an extra layer of protection, use a face primer or chafe relief gel (some people just use aloe vera gel) once the moisturiser has soaked in.
Don't stop using sun screen or drinking water...
Just because it's winter doesn't mean the UV rays go away, especially if you enjoy winter sports & you still need to stay hydrated, even if you're not sweating as much. Central heating can dehydrate your skin even more than the sun can, so keep yourself topped up with water. If you can find a suitable moisturizer with SPF in it, all the better. Don't forget your hands, either.
Wear gloves...
Speaking of which, hands are often neglected during winter, especially if you have to use them a lot - fumbling your rail-pass or trying to use your touch screen phone doesn't work so well when you're wearing woolly gloves! Along with using an intensive, long-lasting hand moisturizer - preferably one that smells nice, which'll encourage you to keep using it - look for some microfiber gloves, or even silk glove liners (usually sold in motorcycle shops). Silk is great at temperature control, with the added benefit of being super-flexible.
Give yourself regular massages...
Get hold of some almond oil from the health food shop or eBay & give yourself gentle massages. Don't press too hard or squeeze your muscles as this can give you painful knots - just use smooth, circular motions on the skin's surface. This will get your circulation going, which helps keep your skin healthy. The almond oil moisturizes & contains Vitamin E, which assists with tissue regeneration & skin healing. You only need a couple of table-spoonfuls. Try massaging your entire after a warm bath, & wrap yourself in a fluffy towel or bathrobe while your skin absorbs the oil. Make sure you warm the oil in your hands before applying it.

Suzie Saw is a writer who loves nature, animals, making clothes, dressing up in them & waiting like a preying mantis for "50% off!" emails from online skincare shops to land in her inbox.

We want to thank Suzie for sharing these great beauty and skin tips withAll Women Stalkand hope that our readers will listen and follow these great tips to naturally protect their skin during winter. In some areas the temperatures can get pretty low; so bundle up, moisturize, and stay warm. What are some ways you protect your skin in the winter?

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