8 New Rules for Glowing Summer Skin ...


8 New Rules for Glowing Summer Skin ...
8 New Rules for Glowing Summer Skin ...

Forget your mother's advice on achieving glowing summer skin. Smothering your skin in oil and laying in the sun for hours is so over! And so is smearing on foundation three tones darker than you are. Here are your 8 new rules for glowing summer skin! You will be the hottest babe in the room if you try out these tips for enhancing your tan. And if you don't really have one yet, no worries! These tricks will give you the illusion of having bronzed, sun-kissed skin. Ready for some glowing summer skin? Ready, set, glow!

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Wear White

Don't worry, summer is when you are allowed to wear white! And nothing will set off a beautiful tan (or give the illusion of one!) like wearing a bright white dress. The color white makes skin glow. So go for it! Start out small if you need to, maybe a white tank or skirt, but whatever you do, mix in some white!


Add Some Shimmer

If you have very fair skin, sometimes all you need to do is add a tiny bit of shimmer. A light bronzer or highlighter dusted on top of your cheekbones, collarbones and cleavage will really make your skin glow! Just don't overdo it. You don't want to look like a glitter queen! If you're wearing something that shows your legs, brush a little bronzer down your shins to really put some shine into your step.


Do a Smoky Copper Eye

Coppery shades will enhance a tan no matter how small it may be. A smoky eye rocks on nearly everybody, so how about you try this twist; do a copper smoky eye! Just use a couple of different shades to add dimension and don't forget a nice liner. Your eyes will be as pretty as your glowing summer skin!


Reapply SPF Often

How can your skin have a summery and sexy glow if it's baked, cracked and burnt from the sun? No, you don't want that! Be sure and reapply that SPF often during exposure to the sun so you can keep your skin looking fresh and lovely when you are NOT in the sun! And don't forget to moisturize after. You need to replenish what the sun evaporated away!


Shade Yourself

One fabulous new rule for glowing summer skin you may have overlooked is...wear a hat! And some cute little shades! Too much exposure to the sun will leave you with premature wrinkles and sun spots and that's not glowing! It's ok to take a break every now and then. Besides, you'll get to show off those new designer knock-off sunglasses you bought last week!


Wear a Red Lip

Nothing will play up golden skin like a fiery red or orange shade. I love corals, but true reds will look amazing on your glowing summer skin as well! If you're not a lipstick type of girl, try a lip-stain or a tinted gloss. None of these on hand? Grab your fave red blush and smudge some over your lip balm. It will make a great lip tint!


Fake It

There's absolutely nothing wrong with pretending like you have glowy summer skin even if you don't. There are so many great self tanners and bronzers available. Find one that you love and wear it! Just be careful not to miss any spots and to build your tan S-L-O-W-L-Y. Just because it's fake doesn't mean the world has to know it!


Lotion Potion

One of my favorite new rules for glowing summer skin involves my little "lotion potion." Sound complicated? It's super easy! You can make it yourself! Grab your favorite bronzer and lotion. Using a butter knife or some other pointy object, scrape some of the bronzer into your lotion and mix well. Then simply apply it where you want to glow! Your friends will be so envious of your glowy summer skin!

Achieving glowy summer skin isn't as difficult as you would think! And giving the illusion of glowing summer skin is just as easy! So now that you have all the rules for glowy summer skin, what are you waiting for? Get out there and glow!

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