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Is it possible to keep your skin looking healthy and young, even as you age? The answer is yes! Now, one cannot account for genetics and health issues, but overall, with proper care of your skin, you can keep the young, healthy glow for years! Here are seven tips to acheiving young and healthy skin!

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Water Photo Credit: Laurel.Miss

Drinking healthy water is a vital part of keeping healthy skin. It has been speculated by many as to the exact truthfulness behind this claim, but circustantial evidence proves it to be true. It is known that dehydrated skin shows wrinkles more, and water is a hydration method - the number one way, actually. When skin is plumped with a bit of water weight, it's actually a good thing! Also, hydrated skin has better blood circulation, and good blood circulation is good for the skin - glowing, healthy skin!


Avoid Direct Sun

Avoid Direct Sun Photo Credit: Bruno Dallmann

As much as we girls love a dark, sexy tan, it can be one of the worst things for our skin. Direct sunlight on the skin damages your skin cells, and once they're damaged, you can never fix them. Your skin works to create new cells, but this process weakens your skin over time, thus aging it more rapidly. If you much tan this coming summer, make sure you use good UV protection to lessen the effects of the sun's damage on your skin. Just remember, every time your skin is exposed any at all, that's one more wrinkle you'll have to deal with!


No Smoking!

No Smoking! Photo Credit: awynhaus

Smoking depletes your skin's oxegen level, so it's no good for healthy skin! Plus, it breaks down your skin's storage of collagen and elastin - both vital for young skin! Smoking + you can never = healthy skin!



Exercise Photo Credit: Los Altos Recreation

Aerobics exercise provides your body with the needed oxygen for great skin. Get your heart pumping and your lungs filled with plenty of oxygen and exercise at least three times a week. This has fringe benefits of a more toned body and more energy!



Exfoliate Photo Credit: MeaCulpaBodyandBath

Sloughing off the old, dead cells is great for keeping youthful skin. Exfoliate before moisturizing, but after cleansing your skin. Using natural products such as sea salt of sugar scrubs are best.



Moisturizer Photo Credit: || Ramit Batra ||

Start early in life, and don't stop moisturizing! Keeping you skin soft and moisturized is very important in keeping healthy, youthful skin. Vitamin C creams are great for wrinkle control, and shea butter will leave your skin super soft. Aveeno is probably the best body moisturizer that I've found. Expensive, but worth it!


Eat Plenty of Fruits & Veggies

Eat Plenty of Fruits & Veggies Photo Credit: AXEHD

Fruits and veggies are full of natural antioxidents that are good for your skin. Eating plenty of fruits and veggies also increases your energy and strengthens your immune system!

At the end of the day, most of what we should do to keep our skin healthy is more in how we live our life. It's more about what we eat and drink, and how we spend our day than how well we take care of our skin. What do you think? Do you have any family secrets you can share for great skin? Please, spill!

Top Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

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Use coconut oil at night before sleep.

I love exfoliating using milk scrubs :)

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