7 Ways to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy ...

Is it possible to keep your skin looking healthy and young, even as you age? The answer is yes! Now, one cannot account for genetics and health issues, but overall, with proper care of your skin, you can keep the young, healthy glow for years! Here are seven tips to acheiving young and healthy skin!

1. Water

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Photo Credit: Laurel.Miss

Drinking healthy water is a vital part of keeping healthy skin. It has been speculated by many as to the exact truthfulness behind this claim, but circustantial evidence proves it to be true. It is known that dehydrated skin shows wrinkles more, and water is a hydration method - the number one way, actually. When skin is plumped with a bit of water weight, it's actually a good thing! Also, hydrated skin has better blood circulation, and good blood circulation is good for the skin - glowing, healthy skin!

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