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7 Wrinkle Areas and How to Treat Them ...

By Jennifer

No-one wants to show the signs of aging on their face, no matter how comfortable they are with their age, myself included. It’s taken me years to develop my anti-aging routine, designed to keep wrinkles at bay on various parts of my face. One product can’t take care of every area, so if you’re a little confused, I can help! Here are 7 problem wrinkles areas, and how to treat them, and with which products…

Table of contents:

  1. forehead: philosophy help me
  2. crow’s feet: philosophy eye hope
  3. lips: philosophy kiss me
  4. neck: philosophy miracle worker
  5. the “i want” lines: philosophy eye believe
  6. laugh lines: philosophy microdelivery peel
  7. cheeks: philosophy divine illumination

1 Forehead: Philosophy Help Me

Price: $18.00 to $45.00 at
For years, we’ve known about the wrinkle-busting properties of Retinol, and this is the product that made me a believer. Apply a tiny pea-sized dollop after your night-time wash, just before bed, either alone or with a few drops of “When Hope is Not Enough” for smoother, more supple skin. I noticed fewer wrinkles on my forehead, and smoother skin, after just two weeks!

2 Crow’s Feet: Philosophy Eye Hope

Price: $48.00 at
Why are these cursed wrinkles around our eyes called crow’s feet? And why are these often the first wrinkles to appear, the wretched harbingers of our own aging process? Combat them with Eye Hope, Philosophy’s wonder cream made just for the delicate skin around your eyes. It doesn’t just lessen the look of wrinkles, it also decreases puffiness and dark circles. Ha! Take that, crows!

3 Lips: Philosophy Kiss Me

Price: $15.00 at
Our lips are so delicate, and can show our age so easily! Keep them kissable and soft and ageless with this wonderful lip exfoliant! It’s designed to be gentle but effective, and will keep your pucker supple and soft, whether you’re 15, 18, 50, or 80!

4 Neck: Philosophy Miracle Worker

Price: $62.00 at
Famed chick-flick director Nora Ephron wrote an entire book called “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” about her penchant for black turtlenecks after a certain age, because they’re so good at camouflaging our less-than-perfect skin. Don’t hide behind a turtleneck (though they can look chic) — use this wonderful product to provide lift and to combat wrinkles instead! After all, it’s called Miracle Worker…

5 The “I Want” Lines: Philosophy Eye Believe

Price: $30.00 at
The “I want” line is that deep furrow that forms between your eyebrows when you want something and are being thwarted. It’s so unattractive, and it tends to stay long after you’re done pouting and have gotten your way! This product will make that pesky “I want” line disappear… until the next time you want something…

6 Laugh Lines: Philosophy Microdelivery Peel

Price: $40.00 to $65.00 at
While the term “laugh lines” doesn’t sound at all intimidating, if you have those ever-so-slight grooves around your mouth, you want them GONE. Delay the Botox and other drastic treatments with this, and feel free to smile, and laugh, again. This two-step in home peel is quite miraculous indeed!

7 Cheeks: Philosophy Divine Illumination

Price: $85.00 at
This moisturizer isn’t just designed to make or skin soft, or to combat wrinkles. It also leaves your skin with a healthy, youthful glow. Who doesn’t want beautiful, brighter skin?

See? There really is an anti-wrinkle miracle cream or gel or treatment for every part of your gorgeous face! I’ve been using these products for ages, and I love them! Have you used any of these before? What did you think of the results? Or is there another product you use to combat wrinkles in a particular area? Please let me know!

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