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8 Wrinkle Myths They Want You to Believe ...

By Jennifer

We women loathe wrinkles. At the first hint of a laugh line or crow’s feet, we’re off to the make-up counter at Macy’s to see what we can do delay the inevitable — the natural signs of aging on our faces. But some treatments, and commonly held beliefs, aren’t helpful at all. We’ve all heard the myths about wrinkles, and here are some of my favorites. Are they true, or false? Keep reading! Here are 8 wrinkle myths…

1 Effective Wrinkle-fighting Products Are Always the Expensive Ones

This is really not true. While the expensive wrinkle creams may smells better, or come in prettier bottles or jars or boxes, they’re really not better. Most active ingredients are the same. Everyone’s skin is different, and the pricey cream your BFF uses may not do anything for you, while the drugstore Olay or off-brand might work like a charm. The only way to know for sure which product will work best for you is to try them until you find one you like, regardless of how expensive, or inexpensive, it is.

2 Tanning Won’t Cause Wrinkles like Real Sunshine

This is completely untrue. UV exposure, whether it’s from the sunlight or tanning bed, can cause a lot more than wrinkled, leathery Keith Richards skin. It can also cause skin cancer. If you want health, gorgeous skin, wear a sunscreen every day, even on overcast days, and stay out of the tanning bed!

3 Drinking Lots of Water Will Help Fight Wrinkles

This is a very common myth. While drinking water is important for staying hydrated, there’s no evidence to support the statement that it will also fight wrinkles. By all mean, keep drinking your water each day! But don’t expect wrinkle-free skin from your Aquafina.

4 They Look Better on Men

No, they don’t! Wrinkles don’t look good on anyone, but they don’t look better on either men or women. In my view, they’re not terribly unattractive on men or women… but they certainly don’t look better on one or the other!

5 It Happens to Everyone

Sadly, this isn’t exactly true. Some women seem to have nearly flawless skin well into their sixties, while others stress over wrinkles in their thirties. Heredity, smoking, stress, and sun exposure have a lot to do with this… some women just age at different rates than others (lucky ducks).

6 Men Hate the Way They Look on Women

No, they don’t! I’m not saying they love the way wrinkles look, but they certainly don’t hate them, either! Men love the way women look, whether they’re young and hot at 20 or older and still hot at 50! Look at this beautiful, wise woman… her face shows all of the joys she’s lived in her life — and I’ll bet her husband thinks she’s gorgeous.

7 Using Concealer Will Hide Them

Actually, wearing too much make-up to hide wrinkles can only make them look worse! Some concealers tend to clump into wrinkles, making them more obvious, so be careful how you apply your make-up, and what make-up looks best on which parts of your pretty face!

8 They Look More Obvious on Thinner Women

My sister swears her skin never looked smoother than it did before she lost 15 pounds. Her explanation? The fat pushes the wrinkles out. While it sounds like it makes sense, I thought her skin looked just as gorgeous before, and after, her weight loss.

These are just a few of the wrinkle myths I’ve heard, but there are so many — like one friend who swore butter on her face at night made her wrinkles less obvious! Have you heard any of these myths? Or do you have any other wrinkle-related myths to share? Please let me know!

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