7 Reasons You're Still Getting Acne ...


Do you still have acne and feel as if it should be gone? That acne has been taunting you for too long already and it is time to get rid of it. First, we need to look at 7 reasons you’re still getting acne. Take note that the reasons on this list may or may not be YOUR reason, but it is something to look into.

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Hormones Photo Credit: Venessa Nina

Do your pimples arrive each month? If so, then it could be caused by hormones. Sometimes, women get pimples each month because of the natural hormonal fluctuations that come about during the menstrual cycle.



Stress Photo Credit: maggie short

Do you find yourself stressing over things a lot? Do you have pimples? If so, then all of that stress may be causing that acne to form. Those adrenal glands over produce androgens when you are stressed.


The Phone

The Phone Photo Credit: neloqua

Are you the type who talks on the phone a lot? If so, then you may want to step away from the phone. Pressing the phone against your cheek a lot could be adding to that acne problem.


Anti Aging Moisturizer

Anti Aging Moisturizer Photo Credit: MeaCulpaBodyandBath

The same type of moisturizer that keeps those crow’s feet away could be the same moisturizer that is causing your acne. This is because the moisturizer clogs the pores.


A Tan

A Tan Photo Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

Add this onto another reason not to go baking yourself in the sun. All of those rays can thicken your skin. This causes pores to clog, cells to pile up and whiteheads/blackheads to appear.



Picking Photo Credit: slopjop

You should avoid picking at the pimple. When you pick at them, you are only going to make them worse. You are going to cause it to have more pigment. Not to mention the fact that the sun tanning formula and sun blocking lotion clogs the pores.


Styling Products

Styling Products Photo Credit: lemonjenny

Some people get acne after they wash their hair. You need to make sure you thoroughly wash the conditioner out of your hair and make sure you get all of the soap off of your face. Also, be careful when you are applying hair styling products.

Those are my 7 reasons you’re still getting acne. Those could be 7 of the reasons you still have ace, but then they may not. Do any of you know any other reasons one can get acne, besides eating the wrong foods?

Top Photo Credit: NY_Doll

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