13 Things That Cause Acne ...


13 Things That Cause Acne ...
13 Things That Cause Acne ...

In order to fully understand how to find the right acne treatment, one will need to understand what the causes of acne are. I have came up with a list of things that cause acne to form. Below, I am going to give you 13 things that cause acne. If you have acne, then this blog may be worth your time…

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Chocolate and Junk Food

First of all, one of the things that cause acne is chocolate and junk foods. Greasy foods also cause acne. I believe this is true, because every time my friend ate chocolate, her face broke out the next day. For some, this may not happen, but there are still others out there that have shown just how true this is.


Bad Hygiene

Bad hygiene can also cause acne. You need to learn how to take care of your body by washing it and do it regularly. By doing this, you will have beautiful, radiant skin. Of course, I believe bad hygiene would cause acne. What about you?


Washing Your Face Too Often

Washing your face too much could also cause an individual to have acne. When I was a teenager, I thought washing my face every time I turned around would fight off acne, but I was wrong.


Dirty Hair

When one does not wash their hair often, this could also cause acne to form. If you are dealing with acne and you do not wash your hair often, then try washing and conditioning your hair every day. Also, pay attention to the products that you are putting in your hair. Certain products can cause acne to form. I believe you should wash your hair often and make sure you wash all of the shampoo and conditioner out.


Scrubbing Too Hard

When you wash your face, if you scrub it too hard, then this could cause acne to form. Tone it down a bit and do not scrub so hard. Many are under the impression that the harder the scrub, the more likely they are to get rid of their acne, but this is certainly not true. In fact, when you scrub your face, you are only making it worse. Again, I used to believe the harder you scrubbed your face, the more you would get rid of your pimples.



In order to get rid of acne, many pick and squeeze at the pimples. This can send those skin infections deeper into your skin, which can cause scars to form. I am a firm believer in not picking or squeezing pimples, no matter where they are or how much they are bothering you.



Hereditary factors are also known for causing those acne breakouts. This would go with the fact that some causes of acne cannot be avoided. Acne is something that can be inherited and it can become so serious that it causes Cystic acne. I have seen many that inherit acne from their parents or grandparents.


Extra Sebum

Extra sebum in the follicle can cause acne. Usually it's caused by the misbalance of hormones in your body. So it's best to run some tests with your doctor to check out your hormone levels.


Medications and Steroids

Specific medications and steroids can cause acne to form. I believe you should look up the medication you are taking to see if it can cause acne. I know that there are certain birth control pills that can cause acne.


Overusing Vitamins

Overusing vitamins can cause acne. Yes, vitamins are essential to our skin, but when you use them way too much, it could cause acne to develop. This includes vitamins B1, B6 and B12. I didn’t believe this one, but my dermatologist confirmed this.



Dead skin cells and oils cause bacteria and that causes pimples. Acne that comes from bacteria is known as Propionibacterium acnes. Excessive growth of these bacteria will cause acne as well as large lesions.


Hormonal Changes

Rioting hormones can cause excessive oil production as well as imbalances. This is why you commonly see acne in teenagers, pregnant women and menstruating women.



There are no specific findings that relate a diet to acne, but individuals have had different reactions to different foods. Too much carbonated beverages, sweets, fatty foods and caffeine can cause acne to form. I believe this is one of the things that cause acne.I monitor the foods I eat and when I see (after three times) that a certain food breaks my face out, I avoid it.

There are many other factors that can cause acne such as stress, environmental issues and clothing. As I said, if acne is inherited, then this is something that cannot be avoided. However, many of the other things such as diet and the way you wash your face can be avoided.

Can you think of something right now that has caused you to break out? Please share your things that cause acne with us…

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Hormonal Changes can causes Achne. It's the most heard problem of teenagers. I beilieve like you Mel, not to pick on achne. The more you pick the more they come out :S And alot of stress can effect your hormones to changed so achne comes out. For me sea water and birth controles are what helps those pimples that some times comes out!


very interesting information.

Hi. I just stumbled upon your site today. Gotta say I love it! I'm 27 and have had acne since I was a teen. It's only recently that it's cleared a bit but I think it has more to do with a healthy lifesyle (veggies and exercise). My acne trigger is anything nuts. Almonds, cashew, peanuts - if I eat even one of them, I will be sure to spot a new pimple the next day on my face. Others might have this reaction from nuts too. I'm trying to join the site but so far no success. But this is a great place, keep it up!!

I am also still dealing with acne at age 26. Very frustrating! And I do notice that it often gets worse just before I get my period... Interesting...

These tips #suck. I feel stupider from reading this. Where are you getting your sources the 8th grade locker room?

Very interesting.

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