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10 Pros and Cons of Using Pads for Your Period ...

By Melanie

Are you a girl that just got her period and you would like to know 10 pros and cons of using a pad for your period?

Are you terrified of using tampons because of TSS and you would like to know just how much you will be benefiting (or not benefitting) from those pads? Well, below, I am going to help you out by giving you 5 pros and 5 cons of using pads for your period…

First, I am going to share some person advice with you. I hate tampons simply because I do not like to have to wear the pantyliner. I mean, you might as well be wearing the pad if you have to wear a pantyliner as well. Besides, tampons have a tendency to leak and I absolutely HATE that.
Pro #5
The pads are definitely reliable, as long as you put it on right.
Pro #4
Despite what you may have heard, pads can be comfortable. They make ultra thin pads that do not let leaks through.
Pro #3
They are easy to use and change. They do not take much time to put them on and they do not require having to touch down there and get blood on your hands. (ew).
Pro #2
There are many different brands to choose from. Many of those brands are high quality and are super absorbent.
Pro #1
I really like the fact that you do not have to worry about TSS when you wear a pad!
Are there any more pros that you can think of right now?
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Con #5
You cannot wear them with swimsuits or while you are swimming. Do not even attempt to do so. You will only embarrass yourself.
Con #4
The pads have a tendency to show thru certain pants. It will appear to be a major bump on the butt.
Con #3
They have a tendency to slip sideways and do not feel comfortable. I guess you would say that they feel as if you pooped in your pants.
Con #2
They are hard to hide in the purse!
Con #1
They have a tendency to smell.

I can think of many other complaints about pads as it seems to be like a “tampon” world where more women than ever before are wearing tampons.

When you wear a pad, it can sometimes feel as if you are wearing a diaper.

Can you think of any more cons that I have not listed? I am sure you can, so please take a couple of seconds to share your thoughts with the rest of us, because we really would like to hear them…

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