7 Common Myths about Birth Control ...

Birth control has become amazing in the last few years. It’s now more protective than ever, almost 100% if used properly, and there is a type to suit most women. But, while the pill itself is getting better, our knowledge of it doesn’t seem to be. Recent studies showed that huge numbers of women believed myths about their birth control, and even more didn’t know what it did and how to use it effectively. Here are the most common myths, for the record...

1. The Pill Will Make You Fat

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One of the earlier versions of the pill contained a high amount of estrogen and progesterone, which are both female hormones which can cause weight gain. Newer versions of the pill contain much lower levels, and so weight gain is much less likely. Only 20 to 25 per cent of women gain more then 2kg in the first year of usage, and 60 per cent have no weight change at all. 20 per cent actually lost more than 2kg! So don’t write off the pill due to this, as it is very rare, and if it occurs, you can simply change medication.

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