7 Different Uses of Botox ...


7 Different Uses of Botox ...
7 Different Uses of Botox ...

There are many different uses for botox nowadays and people doesn't mind the botox prices for this wonder drug but is looking at the many uses it has which is not just for wrinkles anymore but some of the common ailments in our daily lives.

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Reducing Wrinkles

These injections are also famous for reducing wrinkles in the forehead (also known as frown lines). Some dermatologists also prescribes botox cream to help with a patient's skin rejuvenation. Some people have it injected in their butts to enhance their physical features. It has also been used in their breasts.


Cushion for Your Heels

For comfort in wearing heels. Botox is said to be injected in the balls of the feet for runway models to wear those killer high heels more comfortably. Also some men with excessive sweaty feet are having injections to cure excessive sweating.


Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweating

For sweaty underarms. After your armpits are shaved, then cornstarch is applied. Lodine is applied next. After several minutes, you will start to perspire and the cornstarch mixed with the iodine makes the sweat purple. Once the sweating has started the doctor should do a series of quick injections of botox into the armpits.


Reducing Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms. Some of the different types of spasms that can be treated are involuntary eyelid closure, eye twitching, face jaw and neck spasms, vocal chords spasms and even stuttering can be lessened with these injections.


Treatment of Bruxism

For people with bruxism or teeth grinding during their sleep. As it is injected to the jaw for their jaws to relaxes hence helping with the patient's bruxism or teeth grinding.


Treatment of Migraines

This has also been the treatment for many years for migraine headaches. It has officially been FDA approved. How does getting these injections work? Well the doctors make an injection into the forehead, neck and shoulders where the patient is experiencing pain and some tension. The botulinum toxin is thought to reduce headaches because it reduces the muscle tension that is causing the headache to turn into a migraine. It is also creating less stress on the nervous system. Decreasing stress on the nervous system not only prevents migraines from developing, headaches occur less often because the injections are supposed to block pain receptors in nerve cells.


Incontinence or Overactive Bladder

This treatment can also be used to help with incontinence (frequent urination or overactive bladder). Urinary incontinence is caused by spasms of the bladder. There are many other options that can help with these types of spasms, but none that are quite as effective. In the long run many of the people that are taking these medications will most likely stop taking them because they do not work as well. The reason that people have begun to turn to injections as a treatment, is because they do not want to ultimately be left in diapers. The injections relax the bladder, giving the patients more control.

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Yes, and how did they even think about it for cushion for your heels!? I am sorry. But I think I would never do that.

Hey guys we don't use drugs and needles to make us pretty that is just wrong headed man science. Use natures natural way of bottled moonbeams, when shone on you face by the light of a new moon, wrinkles disappear. Kate Winslet swears by it, and my friend knows what she is talking about. :-)

i have migranes and ive had botox twice before and im only 15, it hurts so bad! an only lasts like a month. i so do not understand why anyone would ever use it for wrinkles.

Here is an article I read about how Botox can help those suffering from the disorder.

The idea of sticking a needle in myself by choice makes me cringe:(

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