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7 Things You Should Know about Subliminal Messages ...

By Aprille

Subliminal messages are everywhere. You can try to keep track of them and even avoid them, but this is an impossible task. They are found in cartoons, ads, self-help tapes, and so much more. Here are 7 things you should know about subliminal messages. If you've heard of something different than what is listed below, please feel free to add it in the comment section.

7 Many Disney Cartoons Have Subliminal Messages in Them

Some of them are based on hearsay, but others can be seen with the naked eye. For instance, there is a scene in Aladdin where he supposedly mutters the words ‘Take off your clothes’ to Jasmine. On the cover of The Little Mermaid there is a phallic image drawn into the picture of the castle. This was supposedly drawn by an artist who wasn’t happy with his job. There is a scene in the 70s version of The Rescuers where a nude woman can be seen in the window behind the two main characters in the movie. The movie was actually recalled because of this scene.

6 Using Subliminal Messages in Advertising Isn’t Illegal

Even though companies can supposedly entice you to buy their product through the use of subliminal messaging, this doesn’t mean they can be made illegal. It’s not their fault that you have a weak will and feels the need to give in and buy their products! It does sound a bit like they are tricking people without them knowing it though, doesn’t it?

5 Subliminal Messages Are Used in Many Self-help Recordings

Tony Robbins, Steven Spielberg, and Tiger Woods have all used recorded subliminal messages to boost their self esteem and help them become successful. Supposedly the messages give them the strength to believe in themselves. Some of these self-help recordings are used to help people stop smoking and to kick various other habits as well.

4 Soda Companies Have Unintentionally Used Subliminal Messages in Advertisements

During the 1990s, Pepsi put out a can with a design that looked like neon letters drawn onto a black background. However, when two of these cans were stacked on top of one another the word ‘SEX’ could be seen. Supposedly this was an unintentional use of subliminal messaging, but how do you accidentally spell that word on a soda can?

3 Politicians Have Been Known to Use Subliminal Messages in Their Speeches

President George Bush is said to have added subliminal messages to his speeches when he was in the white house. I don't think he should be given the credit for this occurrence though, since he rarely wrote his own speeches. There was a person appointed as the one in charge of writing speeches for President Bush. I guess this writer must have been a very creative person in order to be able to incorporate subliminal messages into President Bush's speeches.

2 Not Everyone is Affected by Subliminal Messages

As with most things in life, some things affect certain people more than they affect others. One person might hear a radio ad that entices them to buy a certain product, while a friend of this person hears the same ad and gets no urge whatsoever. I think some people are just more susceptible to subliminal messages than others.

1 Impulse Buying is Sometimes Caused by These Hidden Messages

Have you ever stood there in the check-out line and decided that you simply needed to buy that trinket that is hanging next to the bubble gum rack? The check-out stand aisle is a horrible place to be left standing in for a long period of time. Supposedly the subliminal messages are strong and this is why so much impulse buying goes on right at the check-out counter.

I hope you enjoyed this list of 7 things you should know about subliminal messages. It's amazing at how many hidden messages there are in the ads, cartoons, movies, and music of today. Have you come across any subliminal messages that you noticed right away?

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