7 Questions That Are Very Hard to Answer ...


7 Questions That Are Very Hard to Answer ...
7 Questions That Are Very Hard to Answer ...

No matter how intelligent we may be, there are just some questions in life that are very hard to answer. In some cases, it is because there is simply no right answer. In other cases, it is because the answer is completely subjective and based on belief. Here is a list of 7 questions that are very hard to answer in my opinion.

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Would You Die for Anything or Anyone?

To me, life is a very precious gift and not be taken lightly. I think it is wrong to give up one’s own life and that it is being ungrateful to the gift we have received. Yet, there are people in my life that are very precious to me. Would I give my life for someone if it somehow made a big difference to their life?


What is the Meaning of Life?

Philosophers have grappled with this question for time immemorial and yet there is no true answer to that question. I think that is mainly because the question is very subjective and can change from person to person.


When Would You Prefer to Die?

In truth, we have no control over our death, just like we have no control over our birth. But, if we were given a choice in the matter of dying, when would the right moment be? Would we ever feel that we have accomplished everything we wanted to and are ready to say goodbye to the world.


Questions about God

There are many different religions and belief in the world and there are many people who have unshakeable belief in their God. However, there are a lot of people who might find religious questions quite difficult to answer.


Difference between Good and Bad, Right and Wrong

While our culture as well as our religion does what it can to instill a strong sense of ethics in us, there are circumstances in life where defining these terms in absolute black and white can be very difficult. These could be questions that are very hard to answer.


Questions about Relationships

There are many times in a relationship that questions that are very hard to answer beforehand come up. Different people will believe in different courses of action, but ultimately those who are in the relationship have to make their own choices and decision.


Questions about Euthanasia

This is one of the questions that I think is very hard to answer. Is it right to take away somebody’s life if they are suffering a great deal, even if they want to put an end to their suffering? I don’t think there is a right answer to this question that everybody can agree on.

While these are just 7 questions that are very hard to answer, there are many questions regarding one’s personal belief that do not have any answers at all. The point then, is not to look for the right answer, but to engage in the enquiry that the question poses and discover your own attitude towards it.

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number 2 is tricky. According to Viktor Frankl there's a different meaning for each person. Two people can't have the exact same meaning in their lifes.

these questions are not difficult.. the answers would depend from one person to another

The question to no. 2 is easy! Serve God.

I have a question :D What is love?

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