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Causes of annoying bloating and gas are usually no further than what you eat. The culprits of causes of bloating and gas can be caught red-handed when you step back and re-evaluate what you are eating and drinking! Being bloated and gassy is no fun, especially at a pool party or a barbecue. With summer drawing to an end, there's probably going to be quite a few get-togethers so here's your list of 7 common causes of bloating and gas you did know about! Read it to ensure that you stay gas and bloat-free for the remainder of your summer!

1. Salt Intake

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One of the major causes of bloating and gas is found in salt. Eating too many salty foods causes your body to retain water and air, creating a bloated stomach. Then, you have to release the pressure somehow, so your body turns it to gas. Avoid both embarrassing situations by decreasing your salt intake!

2. Avoid Cruciferous Vegetables

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Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage commonly cause bloating and gas! Pile up on salad but push these two offenders to the side. Hey, you always knew there was a legitimate reason to skip over the broccoli!

3. Skip Carbonated Beverages

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Bubbly, carbonated sips like soda and carbonated water and champagne are all causes of bloating and gas! There is a tiny bit of air in each bubble in your glass. When you drink it, all that air is trapped inside you! Skip the bloated feeling by having water or juice, or lemonade instead!

4. Don't Use a Straw

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Bet you didn't know that bloating and gas can be caused by using straws. And I love drinking out of straws! But I've had to drop it in favor of not being bloated or gassy. It makes a huge difference! Try it and you'll see!

5. Pass the Chewing Gum

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Here's another thing I love doing that I've had to stop. Chewing gum encourages bloating and gas. Think of it this way: every times you chew, air enters your mouth and is forced down your throat! Considering that the average piece of gum gets chewed 35-40 minutes, that's an awful lot of air!

6. Eat Lean Protein

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Heavier foods can sometimes be the causes of bloating and gas. So pass the hamburgers and beans up for something lighter, yet still satisfying. Lean proteins like chicken or fish will fill you up without sitting in your stomach. It's a light and healthy, yet totally tasty alternative!

7. Slow down

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Talking and eating or drinking too fast is one of the major causes of gas and bloating. And who knew! We're going back to that theory that every time you open your mouth, a little air enters. So slow down while speaking or eating and see what a difference it makes!

I hope that my article with common causes of bloating and gas has opened your eyes to some of the things you can do to prevent some awkward situations. It's no fun being bloated at a pool party! Do you have any causes of bloating and gas to share with us? We'd love to hear from you!

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