15 Important Facts about Detoxification You Must Know ...

Dr. Sofiya

15 Important Facts about Detoxification You Must Know ...
15 Important Facts about Detoxification You Must Know ...

• Our body has really powerful natural detoxification ability to get rid of the toxic substances we accumulate from the environment and foods we eat.
• We have 4 major systems to eliminate toxins and lots of auxiliary ways that cooperate with major systems.
• But the amount of chemicals we get in our everyday life is so extremely high that the majority of people find themselves at the level of toxicity that is way past the point when our body's own detoxification system can cope.
• Your liver cleanses your blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year NONSTOP.
• Anything you inhaled, digested or absorbed through the skin has to be filtered by your liver in case it might be dangerous for your body.
• If your liver did not continually do its job you would have been dead in hours.
• Your kidneys, lungs, bowel and skin – other major systems that help toxins find their way out. But none of these organs can take as much pressure as liver.
• Lungs eliminate the air you inhale but if there are too many chemicals in it – you start coughing. Some toxins can go out through the skin when we sweat – and it's really helpful during any fever.
• But if there is a substance in your body that is supposed to leave differently, you get skin reaction, such as rush, acne or other types of allergy or inflammation.

• Too many toxins in the bowel cause diarrhea. And if you prone to constipation, it makes the situation even worse because the liver empties toxins into the colon and if the colon is full, the liver dumps the toxins into fat cells, and the toxins stay in the body.
• The same thing goes on with the kidney – too many toxins can cause water retention and even kidney failure.
• Just your liver can cover up almost everything but even its ability to detox is not endless.
• If your liver gets overloaded, toxins begin circulating in your blood and, besides making you feel tired and sluggish, those toxins can damage your organs and glands, cause increased inflammation in your body, cause headaches, cause weight gain, and generally make you feel bad.
• Acne, chronic headaches, chronic fatigue, a poor complexion, lack-luster hair and a build up of fat around the midsection are just a few of the common symptoms of an overworked liver.
• When you start getting these symptoms, it means your body is trying to send you a message that something is wrong. It's important you read this message and try to respond to it correctly instead of just ignoring it.

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Dear Doctor, With my Regards, I would like to mention my prob. of Headache as under: I have this prob. for last about 5 years. I used to wake up due to acute headache around 2.30-3.30 AM (though went to sleep normally at about 11.00 PM). My Neurologist prescribed Prothedine 75 before sleep daily ones and Ciplar-10 TDS. This I a continuing Since Jan.2005. Though I am diabetic my sugar is usually under control. Here in Bombay (mumbai)one Dr. Ravi Shankar, runs a headache clinic i Jaslok Hospital. I have taken treatment from him for about an year, but discontinued on the advice of my Physician as in his opinion they were all Sedatives and their use over a long period will proove harmful. In fact after taking his treatment for about 5-6 months I frequently felt involuntary shaking of my finfrs/portion beyond the wrist frequently. This problem disappeared after I stopped his treatment. Now I am only taking Prthedine 75 and Ciplar -10 TDS, but presently i get the bouts of headache at any time right from as I wake up to while retiring to bed. I have no other complaint. I had Undergone MRI, the report says "unexplained fluid pressure in the optic nerve" but Dr. Mehta of International, said to be an authority, after certain tests inferred that opthamologically I am normal. (I do wear bi-focal glasses). I am 65 years of age and a happily retired person with nothing to worry whatsoever. Seeks your advice please. With regards- SPS.

hey i am Ganesh age of twenty five i have headche problem last four year i have taken treatment about an year and the headche arises on the top of the head. i showed neuro phisician the doctor says there is nothing problem.and i have this symptoms:first chest pain,hip,neck and back pain also. please seeks your advice.

Meera is my wife name and she is of 45 years. Since 3 years she is suffering from head ache, which occurs once or twice a week. The head ache arises on the top of the head and spreading at the back of neck. We showed to orthopaedic and neuro physician. After X ray the ortho said it is because of a slight compression of the cervicle bones and hence advised some excercises. The neuro physician said that he did not find any problems neurological. She is regularly doing excercise and bp is also under control, she has no diabetes or any other problems. But still the head ache comes once a week and remains for a full day or two. She has tested her eyes and wears spect. What she should do? What are likely causes and treatment.

my son who is 22 years joined work as software engineer 9 months ago. he goes to gim and drinks whey protien almost everyday. he also does some modelling . for the past 4 days he is complaining of head ache. he had got the same problem about a year ago.whom should wwe consult. should we get a mri scan done. he had got a hit with a tennis ball on his left eye about a year ago. doctor had taken xray and prescribed medicine after which he was ok. he doesn't wear specs his eye sight is normal.

i have a headache problem that when i used to read and bow my head. i have low pressure nowadays and a little bit gastric problem to.

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