12 Facts about Acne You Didn't Know ...

I probably do not need to give you an introduction to acne, because I am pretty sure that if you are reading this blog, you know just how frustrating it really can be. But below, I am going to give you 12 facts about acne that you probably haven't heard before…
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Acne is another word for clogged pores. When skin sheds the cells, all of the dead skin cells do not go away. They have a tendency to sometimes get stuck on the skin where they mix with the natural oil. When this happens, your pore gets blocked and stuff such as bacteria and excess oil gets stuck in the pore. This in turns causes acne.


The way to treat your acne problem would be to exfoliate those dead skin cells. Wash your skin regularly using oil free cleanser that contains salicylic acid in the morning. This is going to help get rid of those cells that clog those pores. If you are dealing with property already, then use something that has benzoyl-peroxide in it at night as this willhelpkillthebacteria.


If you already have acne, then you do not need to wash I five times each day. Scrubbing it with a wash cloth or harsh exfoliant is only going to irritate it even more. Using a product that has salicylic acid in it will help to gently get rid of those skin cells.


Try new products out for about two weeks. In order for something to work, you have to give it a chance to work. You cannot use it for a couple of days and expect the acne to disappear completely. Make sure you use the products only as directed. If no product seems to work with you, then you may want to visit a dermatologist before choosing the next product.


A dermatologist could prescribe you a high-tech cleanser or cream that kill bacteria for months.


When you visit your dermatologist, you could ask for prescription oil control medication. If you have excess oil, then you will more than likely have visible, large pores. When you have large pores, your skin is more prone to acne.


If you do not have money to visit the dermatologist, then you could try using a mud mask each week. Make sure the mud mask contain the ingredient known as sulfur.


Due to monthly hormone surges in women, the acne problems can fluctuate. All month long, you should stick with a regular skin care routine. When your skin starts to look good, you should not abandon your routine.


There are many forms of pimples. The most common type of pimples are whiteheads. Whiteheads are pimples that stay under the surface of your skin.


For some more facts about acne – Blackheads are pimples that go to the surface of the skin and look black. Despite what you have been told, the black color is not caused by dirt.


Papules are pink bumps that are small in size and can have a tender feeling to them.


Nearly everyone out there suffers from acne. It has been suggested that around eighty percent of the American population is suffering from this skin disease. Acne is something that effects both females and males as there is no cure for it right now.

Most people relate to acne being on the face, but it is possible to get it on the back and other parts of the skin as well. It generally comes about in teenagers, but adults can have it as well. It can also be found on babies.

Acne infantilis is the term used to describe acne on newborn babies. Rosacea is generally related to acne in adults. Do you have any other facts about acne that are not listed on here? Please share!

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