7 Tips for the Best Self Tan Ever ...


7 Tips for the Best Self Tan Ever ...
7 Tips for the Best Self Tan Ever ...

Glowing, sexy skin is easier to reach now more than ever! Before, you had to bake in the sun for hours, sweating, roasting, and pretty much suffering with boredom! Now, you can get a tan at the drug store! Here are my best tips for making your tan in a can look great!

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Use a Spray

Use a Spray Photo Credit: almostcin

Lotions and creams have been available for years. But, you have to apply them carefully and evenly. Try a spray on version. They are easier to apply and require very little blending.


Exfoliate First

Exfoliate First Photo Credit: Temporary high.

First, shave your legs and underarms. Exfoliate with an oil-free scrub. Rinse well and towel dry thoroughly.


Protect Hairline and Brows

Protect Hairline and Brows Photo Credit: soapdeligirl

Apply lotion to your hairline and brows. Also, cover place like elbows, knees, and heels with a light coat of lotion. This prevents dry places from absorbing too much color and end up looking blotchy.


Go for the Glow!

Go for the Glow! Photo Credit: kittybuzz

Start at your feet and apply spray in long, even strokes. Keep a steady, constant spray. Try not to start and stop to many times. Apply to your entire leg or arm at the same time.



Buff Photo Credit: muha...

After the self-tan has absorbed into the skin, usually just a few minutes, buff your skin. Use the palm of your and apply light pressure. Go in small circular motions.


Repair Drips

Repair Drips Photo Credit: *Veronica

If you held the nozzle to close to your skin, you may leave drips. If this happens, gently blot the area where the drip occurred. Then re-apply the spray tan, holding the can a couple of inches further away from your skin.


Moisturize Daily

Moisturize Daily Photo Credit: melmarsoaphut

It is important to boost your skins moisture, especially if you tan, even self-tan. Use your favorite moisturizer and apply liberally each day. Don’t forget your face! Now, are you ready for the beach?

Have your tried a self-tan before? Did you enjoy it? Was it easy to apply?

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