8 Marvellous Moisturisers ...

I must admit to neglecting my skin a little, and even though itโ€™s now summer, my dry and sensitive face is crying out for some moisturizing attention. With that in mind, Iโ€™ve picked out some lovely handmade lotions that Iโ€™d like to try, and also some for different types of skin.

1. Dress Green Calming and Clarifying

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Price: $8 at etsy.com
Thereโ€™s lots of information about the product and ingredients here! With none of that nasty formaldehyde that Iโ€™m allergic to, Iโ€™d like to try this, although itโ€™s for normal to oily skin. I have dry skin, so Iโ€™ll have to look for something else!

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