Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy Facial ...


Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy Facial ...
Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy Facial ...

Well, this week was the first week in the "Beauty Treatment A Week" Challenge, and the firstbeauty treatment is a facial. So it can’t be too bad, right?! After hearing about them during London Fashion Week, we excitedly booked ourselves into the exclusive May Fair Hotel, and paid for our treatments. The facial makes lots of promises, but the main one is to pump energy back into tired, dull skin which sounds perfect after such a horrible, long winter!

It wasn’t until we booked in that we actually read up on the procedure, and started to worry a bit. The Crystal Clear facial is an electric facial, which causes the muscles to contract...just hearing that was enough to have me running for the door, but if Erin O'Conner can do it, so can I, right? My friend convinced me to give it a try and the next morning it was time to meet the therapist.

The facial can be tailored to match your skin type and any problem areas you have, so as we started with a deep cleanseand exfoliation, we discussed our skin with the lovely therapist. She really put my mind at ease! After the divine-smelling exfoliater was washed off, a strong anti ageingserum was added to certain areas, and then blasted with oxygen. Instantly, my skin began to tingle, and I could tell something was happening.

My friend went next, and I watched it happen to her. As the serum is blasted, the oxygen plumps and hydrates the skin, causing it to lose any fine lines, and look younger, brighter and healthier. It felt so soft too! While I had gone for a rather general facial, my friend wanted to concentrate on her acne-prone areas, and so her facial took a little longer and was a bit more uncomfortable. The blaster sounded like a dentist’s drill when it was on strong and it tickled a lot but we were both thrilled with the results!

My skin is still looking brighter and younger and feeling much softer and it’s been two weeks now. Not bad for a half an hour facial! It costs £75 and is perfect for perking up tired skin as an occasional treat or making sure you look your best before a big event like say a weddingor an all important office party. I’d really recommend it because most of all, it didwonders for my confidence!

Interested? Book at, or pick up leaflets from London Fashion Week. You can even get money off!

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