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Natural Skincare for the Treatment of Teen Acne ...

By Dr. Rama

By: Dr Rama, dermatology consultant for Newacneskincare

Skin is the manifestation of health and vitality, emotional, mental and physical well-being. If you possess a glowing and radiant skin it indicates that you have good health, vibrates poise and optimistic attitude. However, a blemish and dull skin is an indicator of unhealthful body, lack of care towards ones own personality and demanding lifestyles.

Skin care is just that taking care of one's skin, nothing more, and nothing less. The different indicators that determine how much care you give to your skin are time, knowledge and even money. For the moment let us review what functions of your skin are. Initially, it provides protection to the inner body form the outer because a skin form a wall between the external environment and our body inside. It acts as a defense mechanism form microbes, pollution and other possible harmful factors. Moreover, it is responsible for eradicating toxins from the body in the form of perspiration and serves as the body's thermo-regulator.

On the other hand, making use of natural skin care products is a good way of providing the skin the exact nutrients it needed and building materials to keeps its functionality and health. Natural skin care is not just about utilizing skin products produced without chemicals; it is a continuing procedure of a result of a healthy way of life, proper diet and of course accurate skin products to be applied directly. Natural skin care as presented with starts with some lifestyle modification and eating the right kind of food.

Here are some basic points about the natural skincare.

Cut on excess sugar: ingesting too much sugary foods, the more it enters the blood stream. Over some time this fallout in a process where the glucose molecules destroys protein molecule by sticking to it. This causes break in cartilage, collagen and ligament, as a result it forms wrinkles.

Eat some good fats: These are the fats required to build cells, membrane and hormones. Insufficient intake of good fat can lead to acne, eczema and dry skin. The bases to get these fats are walnut oil, cold-water fish, flaxseed oil, nuts and fish oil supplements.

Aside from these basic dietary requirements, we need to have a balanced diet containing, Minerals, Vitamins, Proteins, Fats, all essential ingredients which comprises a sufficient diet. This is completely very important for a healthy body and mind together with smooth, glowing skin. Products with ayurvedic organix and curcumin are recommended by many dermatologists and estheticians because they are natural and safe.

About the author: Dr. Rama: Skin care expert and celebrity secret for 25 years! Organix® by Dr Rama is available at NewAcneSkinCare. Providing natural skincare options for teen acne and skin care treatment with rare botanical extracts. This article does not intend to provide any medical advice and should not be considered medical advice or counsel. If you have questions about your health, then please consult your physician. This site should not be used as a substitute for medical help.

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