Get Younger Skin with Elite Cryogenic Moisturizer ...


Get Younger Skin with Elite Cryogenic Moisturizer ...
Get Younger Skin with Elite Cryogenic Moisturizer ...

I will never forget the day when I received a frantic call from a friend who had just looked into the mirror to find her first fine lines."Help me!!", she said to me, almost crying. Of course, being the good friend that I am, I immediately did what I do best... research and find products that have serious anti-aging potential. And would I leave my lovely readers out of my findings? I dare not! Here's presenting Elite Skin's Cryogenic Moisturizer, a revolutionary product with patent pending technology that is guaranteed to erase a few years off your face and reinstate your precious smile.

After having researched a few of Elite Skin's products in the past, I knew for a fact that their Cryogenic Moisturizer would be nothing like you've seen before and I was right. The word cryogenic itself means the use of low temperatures and this moisturizer comes equipped with thermal-activated technology which requires you to store the jar in the refrigerator and use when the label turns blue. Agreed, it sounds a little bizarre to put your skin care products next to your leftovers but this helps the moisturizer reach its maximum temperature-derived potency of approximately 40° Fahrenheit thus helping it work its magic like no other. Genius? I think so!

As for its contents, let's start off with Hyaluronic acid. This is naturally present in skin and is vital for tissue hydration and lubrication. Unfortunately, it tends to deplete with age and time and that's where the Cryogenic moisturizer comes in. To put it simply, Hyaluronic acid acts as a water pump for your skin, holding about 1000 times its weight in water. What that translates to is smooth, hydrated skin with fewer wrinkles with every use.

The second aspect of the Cryogenic Moisturizer is sugar technology. I know, sounds fancy so without getting into the science of it, let me just tell you that the use of this technology drastically improves the flow of water through skin and limits water loss. Once again, that not only means healthier, hydrated skin but also means that your skin is better equipped to combat harmful external elements. We all know how important that is!

Last but not least, the Elite Skin Cryogenic Moisturizer contains squalane which usually occurs naturally in human skin but decreases in amount post adolescence contributing to the skin aging process. Don't worry though, the squalane in this facial moisturizing cream will ensure that the moisture in your skin stays put where it belongs!

I know to most of us, numbers speak. Clinical testing of these ingredients have shown 42% reduction in skin roughness, 33% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles,51% improvement in skin hydration, 31% improvement in skin elasticity and 27% improvement in new cell growth. Wow!

All in all, the ELite Cryogenic moisturizer uses a unique approach to skin care to ensure that in the race of time v/s you, you win. All you really have to do is keep it refrigerated at all times and use it twice a day for maximum results and even a lazy, fat house cat like me can manage that :D

Needless to say, my friend ordered it immediately and it's on its way. I can't wait to see the results on her! Something tells me that's a well spent $89.00! Get your own magic in a bottle right here, at!

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