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7 Great Bathroom Cleansers ...

By Jennifer

I used to really, really loathe cleaning the bathroom. It was far and away my least favorite chore. As odd as this may sound, though, I don’t dread it anymore! I have a bathroom cleaning bin ready to go, and it’s stocked with all the best cleansers. What’s in there, you ask, that makes me happy to scrub the toilet, sink, and tub? Here’s my list of 7 great bathroom cleaners…

Table of contents:

  1. windex
  2. scrubbing bubbles daily shower cleaner power sprayer
  3. scrubbing bubbles toilet cleansing gel
  4. mrs. meyer's lemon verbena biodegradable surface wipes
  5. scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner starter kit
  6. clorox toiletwand disposable toilet cleaning system
  7. soft scrub

1 Windex

Price: $5.49 at
What better way to clean your bathroom and vanity mirrors than with classic blue Windex? To get the best streak-free shine, try using a balled-up newspaper instead of a linty cloth, too.

2 Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower Cleaner Power Sprayer

Price: $7.64 at
If the idea of cleaning your shower makes you feel almost as bad as cleaning your toilet, then this is the bathroom cleanser for you! Simply spray it on after each shower, and soap scum, mold, and dirt are gone! I love this stuff!

3 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleansing Gel

Price: $3.77 at
This is such a cool bathroom cleanser! Each box contains six little gels and a plastic applicator. You just clean your toilet and stick one of these gels in the bowl, and each time the toilet flushes, it cleans! Each gel lasts for about 10 days… and they smell so clean!

4 Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Biodegradable Surface Wipes

Price: $4.04 at
I love using these wipes for quick between-cleaning touch-ups, especially around the sink. The scent is amazing, and they’re completely biodegradable, which means they’re so much better for the environment! If you don’t care for the lemon scent, they’re also available in lavender, too.

5 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit

Price: $13.99 at
Wouldn’t it be nice if your shower could somehow just clean itself? And it would be especially great if the self-cleaning shower used a brand you loved, like Scrubbing Bubbles… sound too good to be true? It’s not! This starter kit has everything you need to trick your shower into cleaning itself.

6 Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

Price: $11.99 at
Sounds pretty high-tech, doesn’t it? I haven’t ever found a better toilet cleanser than this, either! Each time you clean the toilet, you use a new disposable pad, which attaches to the end of the wand. They contain Clorox bleach, too, so you know you’re getting a good clean! And the refill pads are inexpensive, too…

7 Soft Scrub

Price: $5.39 at
This is the same all-purpose cleanser I’ve used in my bathroom for ages, and there’s a good reason why I’ve never switched — it’s perfect! It doesn’t scratch or stain, and it leaves the bathroom smelling so clean and fresh!

I suppose if you have to clean the bathroom, it at least shouldn’t be so horrible, and it won’t be, if you use some of these products! I especially love the Scrubbing Bubbles stuff… do you use any of these, or have you relegated the bathroom chores to someone else? Please let me know!

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