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8 Ways to Make Housework Less Tedious ...

By Alison

Is there anything more boring than housework? Unless you’re sufficiently wealthy to employ staff, there’s always some to do. And what’s worse, as soon as it’s done, there’s more … and more … and more … I hate it as much as anyone, so I’ve been trying to think up some ways of making it more bearable. They might help you out as well …

1 Little but Often

Little but OftenPhoto Credit: GAL RAIS

I must admit to letting the washing-up pile up until I start running out of plates, and then the pile seems huge and I just don’t want to tackle it. So my strategy from now on will be a simple one … wash the dishes on a daily basis! Of course, it’s fine to leave them overnight occasionally …

2 Time Limit

Time LimitPhoto Credit: BuzzCuts

Set yourself blocks of time to work in. If you know you’ll only be doing 15 or 20 minutes, it won’t seem so boring. If you find yourself on a roll and want to finish the task, then go ahead; if you’re not, then get back to it later.

3 Music

Play some music while you work. Something lively will make you want to dance as you wash the floor, or sing as you scrub the tub. It will also put you in a good mood and make what you’re doing seem less boring.

4 No Boring Brooms Allowed

Buy some cool cleaning tools. You can get amusing brooms with animal prints, ladybirds or cows (to name but some I’ve seen), and these will make cleaning more fun.

5 Reward

RewardPhoto Credit: Milen@

Once you’ve completed your tasks, have a bit of fun. Enjoy a coffee in the garden, spend a little time on the internet, read a magazine … Be firm and don’t have the treat until you deserve it!

6 Assistants

AssistantsPhoto Credit: CozyMemories

It goes without saying that if you have a partner, he should be doing his fair share of household tasks (or more). If you have kids, then teach them from an early age that clothes don’t wash themselves, food doesn’t appear on the table by magic, and mummy isn’t anyone’s slave. Give them some jobs appropriate to their age and make them do their bit.

7 Reduce

ReducePhoto Credit: K. Miller Photographs

Why make work for yourself? One way to make housework easier is to create less of it! No, I’m not advocating eating off paper plates (even I haven’t resorted to that), but rather not wasting time on unnecessary tasks. I just can’t see the sense in ironing sheets, for example – I’m a terrible fidget when I’m asleep, so they just get crumpled straightaway.

8 Hire

HirePhoto Credit: canonsnapper

Finally, there’s one absolutely perfect way of making housework less tedious. Get someone else to do it! Bribe the kids, make your partner do his share, or pay a cleaner if you have the money (you’ll be helping out by giving someone else a job!).

What tips do you have for alleviating the boredom of housework? Or are you one of those people who actually enjoys cleaning (and would you come clean my house, please)?

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