6 Brands for Sensitive Skin ...


6 Brands for Sensitive Skin ...
6 Brands for Sensitive Skin ...

Are you blessed, like me, with sensitive skin? Do you find that most brands make you react? It’s definitely rather hit and miss, but here are some brands designed for sensitive skin that you might like to try.

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Green People

Green People Green People make organic skincare and makeup. The makeup is even suitable for ezcema sufferers, which is good news for me. Each product on the website has a full list of ingredients, and whether it is suitable for vegans or vegetarians. I fancy trying their Aloe Vera shampoo, as it’s a nightmare trying to find one that doesn’t make my sensitive scalp itch.

Website: greenpeople.co.uk


Dr Hauschka

Dr Hauschka Dr Hauschka is another natural brand with a very informative website. They even offer a phone number for skincare advice. An added bonus is that some products are available in trial sizes, which is idea for testing whether a product works for you. And no products are animal tested! I’d love to try the Daily Face Care kit for weekends away.

Website: drhauschka.co.uk



Pai Pai was founded by Sarah Brown (no, not the wife of the ex-Prime Minister) in response to her own skin allergy. Quite literally taking matters into her own hands! The range is organic and free from chemicals. Like other similar companies, Pai has a strong ethical policy. On my wishlist – the Camomile and Rosehip moisturiser sounds like it smells gorgeous.

Website: paiskincare.com



L’Occitane L’Occitane is a well-known brand of natural products that has been available for over 30 years. Their shea range has been developed for sensitive skin. I want this basket of goodies.

Website: uk.loccitane.com



Origins Origins uses organic ingredients without animal testing. One of the most difficult products for me to find is soap – yes, such an ordinary product. So I rather fancy trying their Mandarin and Patchouli hand cleanser.

Website: origins.co.uk



Aqueous cream is not a brand, simply a very basic unscented cream that is worth trying if you need a budget moisturiser. It comes in huge tubs, is very inexpensive, and can be used as a soap substitute or moisturiser. Aqueous cream does contain paraffin, though, if you prefer to avoid chemicals.

Website: chemistdirect.co.uk

What brands do you swear by for sensitive skin? Have you come across any ‘miracle’ products?

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