7 Reasons to Eat Beef You Are Not Aware of ...


7 Reasons to Eat Beef You Are Not Aware of ...
7 Reasons to Eat Beef You Are Not Aware of ...

Is eating beef really bad for you? Does it cause heart attacks, strokes, and cancers, as we are constantly being told by diet dictocrats? It’s pretty easy to get confused, and we women are especially vulnerable, because we want to be healthy and look good, right?

What is the truth?
Consider the following:

β€’ Studies indicate that, if our ancestors had not eaten red meats, the brain of humans would be 1/4 of its present size! During human evolution, our adaptation to red meat and the vital protein and fats it provides, is one of the KEY reasons behind the rapid growth in our intelligence and brain capacity.. without meat we still would be living in the trees eating bananas!
β€’ In regions where people have the longest lifespan, the diet is based almost exclusively on meat of ruminant animals and cultured dairy products.
β€’ Protein in beef and lamb provides plenty of building blocks for our body, ensuring strong lean muscles and healthy hormones.
β€’ Red meat is an excellent source of vital minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium. In meat, these minerals exist in form that is much easier for the body to absorb compared to the minerals in grains and pulses.
β€’ Vitamin B12, which can be obtained ONLY from animal sources and which is abundant in beef, is crucial for a healthy nervous system and blood.
β€’ The carnitine in red meat is essential for balanced and steady functioning of the eart.
β€’ Beef and lamb fat is rich in linoleic and palmiotelic acids, which have strong anticancer effects and fight viruses and other pathogens.

In the next article, we will discover the best ways to cook red meat so that its vital force is not destroyed. In the meantime, remember that beef or lamb on your plate is not only a gourmet delight, but also the best way to protect your beauty and health.

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just throwing it out there.. the vitamin B12 can be taken as a VITAMIN (and is not derived from animal anything)... shocking, I know. I'm practically a vegetarian and I take that vitamin everyday :) ... one more thing, it's true our ancestors ate red meat a lot, but those animals were as 'free range' and 'organic' as it gets... raised quite unlike they are today. Also the human diet has changed substantially in this time, our bodies now thrive on many sources aside from red meat

Meat is murder... yummy delicious murder! I for one am for injecting steroids into beef. For those of use who actually do hardcore training programs for fitness, meat is an essential part of the diet. I eat more red meat than anything else and am in the best physical shape of my life. I am healthier and stronger than I ever have been since increasing my red meat intake. I can't remember the last time I've been sick. People would not be fat and sickly if they spent as much time working out as they do complaining.

healthy 'eart'?

Disagree entirely with the notion of eating red meat. Western societies have constantly been told that it is part of an essential diet to eat red meat and drink milk. Most people aren't aware of the lengths humans go to to drink the milk of another species; you empregnate the cow, which is only supposed to produce 5L of milk for its young, but is modified to produce 25L... this leads to all sort of problems in the cows stomach making it produce more mucus.. and so the milk needs to be pasteurized where all the nutrients that there might be are all boiled to hell. Our ability to digest dairy is controlled by an enzyme which we lose very quickly after infancy, and so you get the lactose intolerant.. 90% of asians are lactose intolerant. Animal protein just isn't the answer, studies have shown red meat to be a key factor in cancer development, heart disease... i challenge you all to read more on the subject

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