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8 Worst Things about Being Naturally Slim ...

By Alison

Do you wish you’d been born slim? Could eat whatever you like? Well, I can tell you that there are some things about being thin that drive me nuts …

1 Wood Benches, Ouch!

Wooden benches and wooden seats. Oh my god. More than 2 minutes is sooo uncomfortable. I need a cushion.

** 2. Rude comments**

I wouldn’t dream of telling someone they were overweight, so why is it OK to tell me I look like a stick insect and ask when I last ate a decent meal?

3. No weight to spare...

If you get sick, you lose weight you can’t afford to lose, and end up looking skinnier than ever!

4 Shopping

Finding clothes to fit. I don’t have so much trouble with tops, but trousers and jeans are a nightmare to buy. I need a belt to stop them falling down…

5. Rude!

People are very patronizing, especially if you are not very tall. I have actually been patted on the head. What am I, a dog?

6. Eating disorders?

The assumption that you have an eating disorder. Because of course someone couldn’t be naturally thin, could they? Annoying...

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7 Gain Weight? Yeah, Right!

It’s a LOT harder to gain weight than lose it when you’re naturally slim. I have tried and tried, and even supplements make no difference. When you're naturally slim, you can't gain weight, even if you try!

8 It's All My Fault...

All the articles about skinny celebs. Some may diet too much, but slimness is criticized as if it is something inherently bad. We get the blame for women and girls aspiring to be thinner. Why? How is it my fault?

Now, I believe that we have a natural size, and I am how I’m meant to be. What do you think? Is it unfair to pick on skinny people? Or do you pick on thinner people? Please let me know!

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