8 Bits of Really Bad Diet Advice from the Movies ...


I love the movies... but they're often wrong. I mean, not everyone meets Mr. Right walking their dog, and if you are having a bad day, there isn't usually an amazing life-changing event to make it all better. And I doubt any 40 year old virgins were hit by trucks in their efforts to hide their secret! The diet advice can be pretty sketchy too... here are my favourites!

1. โ€œWell, I Don't Eat Anything and when I Feel like I'm about to Faint I Eat a Cube of Cheese. I'm Just One Stomach Flu Away from My Goal Weight."

The Devil Wears Prada was an amazing movie, and it even gives some fantastic fashion advice... it's the perfect film for girly sleep overs! It's diet advice isn't exactly spot on, though... I think I'd prefer to go for a run then use Emily's weight-loss method!

"We Would Just like It if You'd Go Home and Step on the Scale, and Write down How Much You Weigh, and Subtract It by like, 20. and then Weigh That Much."
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