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8 Bits of Really Bad Diet Advice from the Movies ...

By Kati

I love the movies... but they're often wrong. I mean, not everyone meets Mr. Right walking their dog, and if you are having a bad day, there isn't usually an amazing life-changing event to make it all better. And I doubt any 40 year old virgins were hit by trucks in their efforts to hide their secret! The diet advice can be pretty sketchy too... here are my favourites!

1 “Well, I Don't Eat Anything and when I Feel like I'm about to Faint I Eat a Cube of Cheese. I'm Just One Stomach Flu Away from My Goal Weight."

The Devil Wears Prada was an amazing movie, and it even gives some fantastic fashion advice... it's the perfect film for girly sleep overs! It's diet advice isn't exactly spot on, though... I think I'd prefer to go for a run then use Emily's weight-loss method!

2 "We Would Just like It if You'd Go Home and Step on the Scale, and Write down How Much You Weigh, and Subtract It by like, 20. and then Weigh That Much."

Knocked Up was hilarious... I watched it four times at the cinema! And I so wish that weight loss worked like the TV Executive seemed to think... Selecting your weight seems like such an easy way to ensure you always look your best!

3 "I Want You to Think of What You Ate Today. Got It? Now Cut That in Half. This is Called a Diet, People, Everyone Start One Today! Darcy, You Should Stop Eating. You See, when You Skip a Meal, Your Body Feeds off Its Fat Stores. and if You Skip Enough, Maybe Your Body Will Eat Your Ass!"

I loved Bring It On, and the new cheerleading coach was so funny when he took over. I couldn't stop laughing at this advice to Darcy! Cutting your calories in half isn't a good idea, though, and makes you much more likely to stop burning calories then actually help you loose weight. Oops!

4 "I Can't Go to Taco Bell, I'm on an All-carb Diet. God, Karen, You're so Stupid!"

Mean Girls was a fantastic film, and Regina made a perfect ditz... comments like this made her seem so realistic! I'd love to know what she would classify carbs as... and what a great excuse to go to Taco Bell!

5 "We Elves Try to Stick to the Four Main Food Groups: Candy, Candy Canes, Candy CORN, and Syrup!"

So taking diet advice from festive film Elf probably wasn't ever going to be a great idea, but Buddy's diet sounds so tempting... a bit sickly sweet, and our dentists would hate it, but it sounds good to me!

6 “the Only Time to Eat Diet Food is While You're Waiting for the Steak to Cook.”

Julie and Julia was an unusual choice of film for me, but Julia had diet tips a-plenty that kept me in stitches. I love her style! I don't think it'd be too great for losing weight, though...

7 "when You Eat Ice Cream, the Fat in the Ice Cream Becomes Fat on Your Body. so if You Eat a Lot of Ice Cream, You Might Become Fat, and if You Don't, You'll Stay Nice and Skinny."

Olive's dad in Little Miss Sunshine seemed to have it all sorted out... although his logic makes absolutely no sense to me, I love the idea of eating ice cream and staying nice and skinny. There's nothing better then a white magnum... mmm!

I'm not sure any of these will give your diet a boost, but they sure made me laugh! And they make a great reminder that the movies really aren't great for getting advice from... leave the movies to entertain, rather than instruct, or your diet could go badly wrong... I don't think you've got much chance of shedding the pounds with these tips! Have you heard a great movie diet-tip I've missed? Please share it with me!

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