7 Cravings and Their Hidden Meanings ...

By Kati

7 Cravings and Their Hidden Meanings ...

Do you ever get random cravings? Mine has been potato recently. I just can’t get enough of that stuff... and cheese popcorn! And when I'm trying to stick to a diet, these cravings are terrible! I was surprised to learn though that some cravings are more than just missing a food you haven’t had for a while, though, and can be the sign that your body is missing something that it needs. Here are 7 cravings, and their hidden meanings...

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1 Chocolate

Craving chocolate? Rather than just being the sign of a sweet tooth, this could be your body's way of telling you that your mood has dropped. Chocolate contains feel-good hormones which will boost your mood, but only temporarily, meaning you’ll need more later. Try boosting your mood by doing something you enjoy, such as walking, running, painting or indulging in a hobby instead.

2 Sex

If you suddenly can’t get enough, it could be a sign that your hormones aren’t following their normal cycle. Most women feel more in the mood for two weeks before their period, but hormonal pills can change this, and even make these feelings worse. Just remember that during those two weeks, you are much more fertile than usual, so be careful and use contraceptives! And if you aren’t used to these urges and contraceptives don't do the trick and it continues for more than two cycles, it might be worth seeing your GP.

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3 Salt

I suffer from this one badly. Craving anything salty? This is a sign that your stress levels have rocketed, but anunhealthy snacklike a bag of crisps or chips won’t actually stop the craving. You need the minerals from natural salt, so instead, reach for salted nuts, fruit or vegetables.

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4 Sleep

Craving a mid-day nap? This could indicate an iron deficiency, which taking iron tablets could easily fix. Try adding a lot of red meat to your diet, as well as nuts, fish and eggs. As your iron reserves build, you’ll find yourself needing much less beauty sleep.

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5 Pasta

A pasta craving bizarrely usually indicates a lack of sugar. When your sugar levels are far too low, your body enters a state called hypoglycaemia, which causes you to crave carbohydrates. So craving potato, pasta and bread usually means you need to find something sugary, such as fruit, fast!

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6 Sweets

Tempted by the sweetie aisle? Usually, a sweet craving indicates a lack of chromium, which can be found in grapes, turkey, potatoes, and broccoli. It’s an important nutrient which helps to stabilize energy levels, so try adding some of these to your meal instead and avoid those extra calories!

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7 Starving?

If you are just craving any food, its probably water you actually need. Your body thinks that by craving food, usually salty foods, the salt will help it to cling on to any water left until you drink again. Of course, this causes water retention. This is most likely to happen after drinking alcohol, so have a glass of water and a small salty snack before bed!

I found researching this so interesting! I’m going to make a meal plan that matches my bodies needs now, and make sure I have supplies of what I really need the next time I have random cravings. I’m sure my body will be grateful! Do you get odd cravings, or know what any other cravings mean? Please let me know!

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Umm, low blood sugar is known as hyPOglycemia, NOT hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia is the scientific word for HIGH blood glucose. Just thought you should know!

i have those sudden cravings for food too :o i had NO idea it was related to water! i don't really drink much of it taught :/ like 2-3 glasses a day! x_x

I'm always craving chocolate and a nap. :)

@Lauren she did write HYPOGLYCEMIA.

A while back I was craving a lot of meat suddenly and I was later diagnosed with anemia, so I believe that was my body warning me beforehand! :P

I've been craving hot sauce for the past two week. Mmm spicy!!!!

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