10 Worst Foods to Eat ...


10 Worst Foods to Eat ...
10 Worst Foods to Eat ...

There are so many good foods to eat that are actually really tasty. Then, you have those tasty foods out there that are actually bad for you. There are certain foods that you should not feed yourself, let alone, your children. Below, I am going to give you the top 10 worst foods to eat.

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Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets Photo Credit: my_amii

Yes, I know, children love them and you love them. They are a fast meal to cook, but did you know that they are bursting with fat? Nuggets with dipping sauces have lots of sodium in them. This contributes to high blood pressure. Don’t let the child’s taste buds get used to those salty foods, because then they will want it when they are adults!



Chips Photo Credit: Felipe Pietri

Yes, this is a big no-no. They are great for every now and then, but you should not consume them every day. I am talking about potato chips, cheese puffs, and the whole nine yards. They are mostly sodium, fat, and empty calories.



Most of these doughnuts are packed with saturated fat and trans-fatty acids that are only going to clog your arteries. On average, a doughnut has around two hundred to three hundred calories.


French Fries

French Fries Photo Credit: Sunshine Hanan

Yeah, yeah, they’re good and they are one of the most popular dishes in the United States. Kids love eating them, but they do not have many vitamins. They are high in fat. If you just have to go through the drive-thru, stick to those small portions.


Fruit Leather

Fruit Leather Photo Credit: silvia2chat

Most of that rolled up, dried fruit is no good for you. It has a small bit of fiber and a little bit of vitamins. Instead of this, try serving real fruit that has not been dehydrated.


Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs Photo Credit: Scandblue

Did you hear that they were trying to redesign the hot dogs because they are such a choking hazard? What are they going to turn it into? If you flatten it, it will practically be bologna. Either way you go, hot dogs are bad for you. They have a lot of sodium. Look for those lower-fat brands. Try some turkey dogs. Warning: When feeding them to your children, cut them up into tiny bits.


Juice-flavored Drinks

I know, this is not really food, but it is something popular that many children and adults turn to thinking that they are doing the right thing. Most of them are ten percent juice and the rest are sweeteners and water. Don’t be fooled by those one hundred percent juices that are made from pear, grape, and apple concentrate. Most of the nutrition was removed from those concentrates.


Pre-packaged Lunches

Pre-packaged Lunches Photo Credit: Biggie*

Yes, I know, those pre-packaged lunches are so convenient, but they have a lot of saturated fat and sodium in them. They are also packed with some pretty sugary treats. They do not contain any fruits or vegetables.



Soda Photo Credit: Dusty_73

Oh yeah, I just had to ad this one on here. On average, a 12 ounce can of soda gives almost ten teaspoons of sugar, which contributes to tooth decay and obesity. Children who drink soda, instead of milk are shortchanging their bones of that calcium and nutrients.


Toaster Pastries

Toaster Pastries Photo Credit: GulfCoastCottagePDF

Toaster Pastries seem to be a big thing in today’s world. They have a lot of fat and they do not have much fruit in them. Instead of having one of these, just make some raisin toast and serve it with some good jam.

Those are the 10 worst foods for you and your children. You should avoid these as much as you can and go for the stuff that is packed full of nutrients. Right now, since I am taking away some of your good stuff, would you name four of the best foods? It won’t take you long to do so, just tell everyone that there are substitutes for that worst junk food!

Top Photo Credit: Frengo2.0

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Actually...studies have shown that a peice of dehydrated fruit has the same nutritional value as its original counterpart. However if you are refering to PROCESSED fruit snacks (fruit to go, fruitchews ect.) then you are right, they have alot of extra sugar added to them. But yes, dehydrated fruit is actually very good for you.

Great list! I love that you included fruit flavored juices. I think so many fall victim to thinking they're eating/drinking something healthy when they're really not.

OMG, I need to go for a run just for looking at the pictures...

Nice. I think you meant sugar coated dried fruits which are definately not dry fruits like raisins. Though dry fruits have their own advantages , dried foods have definately poorer nutritional value in compare to their fresh,natural counter parts as they loss vitamins during processing.

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