8 Things That Are OK to Consume in Moderation ...


8 Things That Are OK to Consume in Moderation ...
8 Things That Are OK to Consume in Moderation ...

These days, we seem to be bombarded with a never-ending stream of warnings about dangers to our health. Many of these warnings are food-related, and leave you wondering just what it is safe to eat. Obviously, there are certain foods that pregnant women should avoid, or anyone who’s allergic, but for the rest of us it’s OK to eat them, providing you don’t overdo it.

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The occasional glass of wine won’t do you any harm. Just make sure that you’re not opening a bottle every day, and if you’re on medication, check that it’s not contra-indicated for alcohol.



Chocolate Photo Credit: MarcelGermain

Who wants to live without chocolate? Hey, you don’t have to! Just buy the best quality you can afford, and don’t finish the lot off in one go.



If you fancy a calorific cake, then treat yourself. The key is to make it just that, a treat. Once in a while won’t kill you. If you like cakes more often, and your weight can take it, then why not make your own? At least then you know that there are no additives and preservatives in them.


Fast Food

Fast Food Photo Credit: Herschell Hershey

I’m no fan of fast food, except maybe pizza, but if you like a burger it won’t hurt to have one occasionally. You don’t even need to starve yourself for the rest of the week, just eat healthy food.



Dairy Photo Credit: PhotoCharlie!

So you like dairy products? As long as you don’t go mad by smothering everything in cream and cheese, dairy products have an important place in a healthy diet. It’s well-known that they’re a good source of calcium, so unless you’re vegan there’s no need to avoid them completely.


Fried Food

Fried Food Photo Credit: dopiaza

Now, clearly frying everything you eat in vast quantities of oil is a heart attack waiting to happen. However, if you like the occasional fried treat then go ahead. Also, cooking in olive oil is healthier (although again, don’t overdo it), and stir-frying in a wok requires very little oil.



Meat Photo Credit: by_irma

Lots of people are cutting down on red meat, as it is increasingly seen as unhealthy. If you want to eat some, don’t buy it often but buy quality meat. Cheap meat is full of additives – go organic if you can.



Nuts Photo Credit: .: Philipp Klinger :.

Sometimes nuts get a bad press, and people think they must be avoided. The problem is if you consume lots of salted nuts, or even unsalted in large quantities. Nuts are actually very healthy in moderation, with lots of minerals and proteins. Simply eat a few each day, and not the whole packet!

So, I hope you’re reassured that healthy eating doesn’t require depriving yourself of everything that’s fun! I’m no doctor, but I’m convinced that people do themselves more harm worrying about cakes than eating one occasionally. What do you think?

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Thanks for the nice and REAL post. Actually we have to understand that no food harms but over-eating does.Eat whatever you wish in moderation once in a while and don't feel guilty while having them.Do proper exercise, laugh a lot and sleep well - healthy life will be yours.

This helps and makes sense, thank you :)

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