7 Healthy Foods to Heal a Broken Heart ...


7 Healthy Foods to Heal a Broken Heart ...
7 Healthy Foods to Heal a Broken Heart ...

Bad break-up always requires an intense recovery, the one that requires a couple of good friends and a fridge stocked with all your favorite comfort foods and beverages. But, did you know that you can use healthy foods to heal a broken heart? These foods might not be on top of your post-breakup menu but once you hear how effective in making you feel better they are, you’ll definitely want to put them there! Well, here’s a toast for happiness, health and the Mr. or Miss “Right” that are somewhere out there. So, until you finally run into them, here’s 7 healthy foods to heal a broken heart and help you get back on that horse:

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Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Photo Credit: Boz Bros

Replace your favorite milk chocolate with just as tasty but drastically healthier dark chocolate and you’ll have a great and, most importantly, healthy post-breakup mood lifter. Dark chocolate is good for your heart, skin and overall health and, thanks to andamine and other chemicals that help it stay longer in our systems, it also does wonders for the mood, making you happier… for a longer period of time!



Wine Photo Credit: dorena-wm

Sad and wasted was never a good combo so don’t expect the bottom of your empty glass to tell you why he or she broke up with you. Dress up, wear your favorite killer heels and go out with your girl friends “sex and the city” style. If you don’t feel like going out, ask your BFF to come over for a glass of wine. Yes, one glass of wine! I know it doesn’t seem like much but it will relax you, maybe even produce that comforting buzz and it’s actually good for your heart and blood vessels.



Nuts Photo Credit: Nutsinbulk

They are rich in proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and minerals and if you’re looking for healthy foods to heal a broken heart, you can definitely count on nuts to do the trick! They are also good for your brain and that’s something you definitely want to pay attention on in times when you have love-related problems keeping you away from giving your maximum at school or work.



Beans Photo Credit: ChineseSoupPot

Some of them could make you gassy but – guess what? Since you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend now, you don’t have to worry about that! So, enjoy your favorite beans, their mood-lifting effect and all the health benefits they bring! “What health benefits?”, you might ask. Well listen to this- beans are a very rich source or both iron and calcium so eating them results in stronger bones and more red blood cells!


Oily Fish

Oily Fish Photo Credit: Sifu Renka

Fish-breath is another thing you probably wouldn’t want to have around a new boyfriend/ girlfriend but it’s something you can enjoy once you’re single again. Fish, I mean, not fish-breath… although knowing that there won’t be anyone to frown because of it feels kind of liberating. LOL! But back to different types of oily fishes and the power of these healthy foods to heal a broken heart! Did you know that one study actually proved that people who eat more fish tend to feel happier? As you already know, fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, a component that’s even used in treatment of clinical depression! But, the story doesn’t end there! Vitamins B6 and B13 are something I also have to mention as they increase the production of serotonin, hormone that helps you chill out.


Foods Rich in Carbs

Foods Rich in Carbs Photo Credit: I Believe I Can Fry

Next on my list of great, powerful healthy foods to heal a broken heart are the ones rich in carbohydrates - the foods most people usually turn for comfort after the breakup, like pasta, rice or baked goods. Yes, carbs do help the mind to calm down so, if you want to enjoy their relaxing effect without the fear of gaining weight, I suggest you turn to their healthier and, in my opinion even tastier substitutes like brown rice, soy pasta or wheat bread.



Ice-cream Photo Credit: fruitcakey

Opt for the one with fewer calories and enjoy your favorite post-breakup comfort food for at least two reasons- first: Milk is good for your health and second: some claim that calories consumed after a breakup are burned faster. I’m not sure if there is any truth in the last one but, hey, a little bit of ice-cream can’t hurt you so, if that’s what it takes to get you back on track and feeling great again, go for it!

I’m interested to know what you have to say about this, girls! Should one turn to healthy foods to heal a broken heart or junk food still works best?

Top Photo Credit: data.whicdn.com

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Lovely post, I never knew the health benefit of this food, though I take them regularly. I am heading away to the store so I can heal my broken heart .

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