7 Healthy Foods to Heal a Broken Heart ...

Bad break-up always requires an intense recovery, the one that requires a couple of good friends and a fridge stocked with all your favorite comfort foods and beverages. But, did you know that you can use healthy foods to heal a broken heart? These foods might not be on top of your post-breakup menu but once you hear how effective in making you feel better they are, you’ll definitely want to put them there! Well, here’s a toast for happiness, health and the Mr. or Miss “Right” that are somewhere out there. So, until you finally run into them, here’s 7 healthy foods to heal a broken heart and help you get back on that horse:

1. Dark Chocolate

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Replace your favorite milk chocolate with just as tasty but drastically healthier dark chocolate and you’ll have a great and, most importantly, healthy post-breakup mood lifter. Dark chocolate is good for your heart, skin and overall health and, thanks to andamine and other chemicals that help it stay longer in our systems, it also does wonders for the mood, making you happier… for a longer period of time!

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