8 Drinks That Can Boost Your Health ...

Feeling thirsty? Well, I love Pepsi Max, and tend to drink litres of the stuff. There are much healthier options you can go for, though, and the health benefits that you can gain are immense. From natural heart boosters to herbal pain remedies, there is a drink that will do you wonders. Here are my top eight...

1. Benecol Fruit and Dairy Smoothie

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Price: $8 at benecol.co.uk
These delicious drinks help to lower your cholesterol, which means your heart will be getting healthier while you enjoy it! It’s an odd drink...its thick, and tastes like fruity yoghurt, but it’s so nice! It reduces cholesterol by up to 14%, is low in fat and counts as one of your five a day. I love them!

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