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Get Rid of Dark under Eye Circles Right in the Comfort of Your Own Home ...

By Mabelle

European and Caucasian skin are especially prone to developing dark under eye circles, whether you are lacking in sleep or not. And don't you just hate it when you appear at any social event and you have those dark bags under your eyes to deal with?

It makes you look as if you have been in a bout of crying – when it’s just those pesky dark under eye circles!

So what's the remedy for this beauty dilemma? Here are three steps for you: moisturize, cool **and **stimulate the skin.

First, when you moisturize the skin, it will help eliminate those dark circles by dehydrating the skin and relieving the stress around your eyes.

Next, the proverbial cucumber slices, when placed on the eyes – will provide that **cooling effect **to help them relax.

Finally, stimulating **the skin under the eyes will bring that '**alive' rather than dead look to your eyes.

For all of these three steps, you can use homemade formulas that will work wonders for you. Aside from the cooled cucumber slices, you can massage **almond oil or peanut oil under and around the eyes. Crushed mint leaves applied under the eyes, cotton balls dipped in rose water and a couple of tea bags soaked in cold water can all be used as **home remedies.

Photo Credit: How Stuff Works

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