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6 Effective Ways to Prevent Swine Flu ...

By Dr. Sofiya

It is so much better to prevent the swine flu than to treat it. Read on to learn about 6 most effective ways to defend yourself and your family from this evil virus!

Every year the summer starts all of a sudden. Couple of days ago it was still winter coat cold and last weekend the temperature sky rocketed into the high 80s. In spite of the fact that regular flu season is over we now have even a bigger problem with the new mutated swine flu virus.

Pigs don’t get sick from it, but people do. It’s a combination of a human flu virus and a swine flu virus so the precautions to take against this virus are quite similar to the ones you take in winter time.

1 Keep the Distance ...

If you know somebody got sick (especially after trip to Mexico) try to avoid close contact with this person.

2 Keep Your Nose Lining Moisturized ...

All viral infections usually find the way to our body trough the nose lining. (The nose lining dries up in the winter due to heating in our houses and in the summer due to AC).

In order to keep your nose lining moisturized, make an oil mixture to keep your noise lining moist:

• take 1oz of olive oil
• add 10 drops of Tea tree oil
• add 10 drops of Lavender oil
• add 5 drops of Eucalyptus oil
• add 5 drops of Clove oil and
• 5 drops of Oregano oil

Mix all components together and apply this mixture to each nostril every morning before leaving to work. Carry some with you and apply any time you feel your nose is dry. It’s great for kids too.

3 Eat Raw Garlic as Much as Possible ...

But if you want to avoid the smell, take Freeze Dried Garlic by Pharmax – the only one on US market that can really work for any infection prevention.

4 Get Vitamins Eating Fruit and Veggies ...

After cold season almost everyone’s immune system is weaker. To keep it strong just feed it a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Whenever you have a chance, have some juice from organic dark green leafy veggies – usually available in most health food stores. Or you can make it at home – here's the simplest recipe:

• 1 big carrot
• 1 celery stick
• 1 handfull of spinach
• 3-4 dandelion leafs (if possible)
• ½ of green apple

Drink right away – it will hydrate your cells and will helps your immune system get stronger.

5 Take Some Good Vitamin-mineral Complex with Antioxidants ...

Preferably in a liquid form, like Liquid Multi Vitamin & Mineral Complex by Country Life.

6 If You Suffer from Seasonal Allergy ...

And use any nasal spray with steroids – it will make your nostril lining and immune system weaker. Cover up with Olive Leaf Nasal Spray that can kill any viral and bacterial infection in your nose before it starts to affect you.

It's also good for everyone including kids who might have been in contact with a sick person.

With all these steps I hope everybody now will be safe and well protected from getting this terrible swine flu.

Stay healthy!

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