7 Things That Won't Help You Avoid Flu ...


7 Things That Won't Help You Avoid Flu ...
7 Things That Won't Help You Avoid Flu ...

Is it just me or the flu season started early this year? I am the one that usually doesn’t get sick and spends days playing the family nurse… but “usually” didn’t work this year so the stupid flu has ruined my weekend and the first three days of what turned out to be a very sunny week! Now, the point of my story is that this pesky virus can sometimes win the battle even if you’ve done everything in your power to prevent that from happening. So I’ve made a list of things people usually do to prevent coming down with a flu and did my best to try to explain why neither one of them is 100% efficient. So here it is:

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Don’t get me wrong, getting your flu shot before each flu season does lower the risk significantly but it doesn’t give you 100% protection against the influenza virus. You see, scientists work very hard all year round to predict the type of flu that is most likely to appear in the next season. However, flu virus can mutate and it does that every few years so nobody can guarantee you a flu-free year even if you’ve taken your vaccine.


Anti Bacterial Soaps

Flu season or not, you should wash your hands regularly. Doctors agree that this healthy habit can be your ticket out of the “Rest and drink plenty of liquids” flu treatment routine. However, you don’t have to spend any extra cash on those special anti-bacterial soaps or gels, nothing works better than regular soap and water. You see, the point of washing your hands is to get rid of the flu virus before you get the chance to transfer it from the hands to the eyes, nose or any of those surfaces from which the virus has no problem entering your body. And since influenza is a virus and not a bacteria, anti-bacterial products don’t work… at least not better than the regular ones.


Avoiding the Cold Weather

Staying inside every time the weather is bad is no guarantee you’ll save yourself from the flu. In fact, this is the reason most people get infected in the first place. Viruses don’t like the cold weather anymore than you do – they tend to seek warm areas to multiply, so your home, office or any of those areas with dry, hot air are the perfect place for them.


Over-the-counter Remedies

I have a friend that starts eating those anti-cold pastilles like they were candies as soon she hears the flu season is about to start. If this sounds like somebody you know, tell that person this: These medicines are just a quick fix that masks flu symptoms. And although they can be a lifesaver when you feel feverish and tired and you have an important business meeting coming up, they sure don’t help cure flu or offer any protection against it!


Exercising and Dieting

Most people think that exercising and eating right makes them resistant to influenza. Now, let’s be precise, strong body and strong immune system don’t necessarily go together. I, for example, know a lot of very athletic people that haven’t had a year without coming down with the flu. Eating healthy food and exercising solves only the half of the problem. The other half has a lot to do with the lifestyle. Stress, smoking and not getting enough sleep are the ones that hang a red, flashing “Free Dinner – We Accept Viruses” sign on your immune system.


Vitamin C

I’m a dedicated user of both Vitamin C tablets and powder but, I’ve read something disturbing and I have to share that with you. A certain research proved that vitamin C interacts with some fat molecules and causes cell mutation (read: the combination of these two causes the cancer cell formation forms). Now, a lot of follow-up tests have been done and a lot of people says that this is not so likely to happen outside the lab. However, I had to warn you. I’ve stopped using Vitamin C supplements and switched to real oranges and lemons which really do help strengthen the immune system. You can never be too sure these days…


Handshake Instead of Kissing

Many people have a habit of kissing their friends for “hello” and “good-bye”. Now, limiting the number of people you have to kiss during the day is highly beneficial during the flu season but, given the fact that most people use hands to cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing, a handshake is not safe either.

So, if you do come down with a flu these days, don’t freak out thinking, “Oh, it must be N1H1! It can’t be the regular, seasonal, flu because I’ve taken my shot/meds/etc.” Just relax, take a few days off, drink plenty of water and let it run its course. You’ll be back on your feet in no time! Tell me, ladies, was this article helpful? Are you feeling good these days and do you have any feverish friends or family members? Hope all is well!

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