9 Ways to Restore Hormonal Health ...

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9 Ways to Restore Hormonal Health ...

In a previous article we looked at the main reasons behind hormonal imbalance and monthly suffering that affects many women. Today, we will explore natural strategies for alleviating PMS and restoring feminine health - 9 approaches to heal emotionally and hormonally during your premenstrual phase.
1. Try to reclaim and appreciate the wisdom of your monthly cycle …
You can easily do that by celebrating it as a source of your feminine power, rather than an annoying condition in need for a medical intervention.
2. Have a good look at your everyday menu …
Because the food you eat may be the main culprits of your monthly suffering. A high-carbohydrate diet of junk foods, processed vegetable oils, trans fats, stimulants, and soy products instigates hormonal imbalance and sets the stage for women’s health problems.
3. Adjust your diet …
Adjust your diet taking care to include adequate animal protein, plenty of healthy fats such as natural butter, fish oils, and coconut products, as well as a variety of fresh and fermented vegetables and fruit. Do you also know that many women begin to feel better after eliminating grains containing gluten, especially wheat?
4. Stop eating non-organic dairy product …
And I am talking milk, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc. Supermarket milk usually comes from cows treated with BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) and antibiotics. Both steroids and antibiotics reside in the milk and interfere with the female hormonal system. Organic dairy products from independent small producers, though, are perfect foods, and you can eat them liberally.
5. Refrain from buying highly processed vegetable oils and commercial salad dressings …

As the chemicals they contain disrupt the natural regulation of hormone production. Instead, bring back tradition and use healthful animal fats for cooking and natural sour cream and extra-virgin olive oil for dressing your salads.
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6. Try to cut down on coffee, black tea, chocolate, and sugary soft drinks …
Since they overstimulate the adrenal gland and may negatively influence hormonal health. Opt for purified water and your hormones will thank you.
7. Let it shine!
Help stabilize your hormonal levels with everyday exposure to a full-spectrum natural light. Not only it will restore your hormonal health, you will feel so much happier too.
8. Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, or other types of calming exercises and deep relaxation techniques …

They all protect women’s biochemistry and are capable of reducing many PMS symptoms. Try them all and see which one works best for you.
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9. There are yet more comprehensive options available to women …
Such as those involving the healing arts: acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, massage therapy, and reflexology, which have been used for centuries to help women balance and restore their feminine chemistry and overall health.

Do you know other natural ways that work wonders restoring hormonal balance? Please share them with me!

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thanks for the tips . they are very useful.

Hi jessica, I know how you feel, im there too. I got my results from a blood test 2 days ago and my Dr is telling me that im not ovulating. Im not producing enough progesterone and my estrogen levels are dominating. I had to take a day off work today since im feeling so low....a feeling of hopelessness almost. Im sure it's because of the hormones. I feel like no one in the whole world understands. I have been diagnosed with endo, had a laparoscopy but I think it might be back. We just need to hope and pray that one day we feel like ourselves again! God bless you

You MUST find a fiber supplement that is made from “functional” fibers, which is fiber that is isolated or extracted from plants or animals, with health benefits in humans. Psyllium is obviously the most effective in treating constipation and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. I have tried the Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse (which has these "Function fibers"), and I completely love it. I use a bottle about every 1-2 months, and there are no side effects, and the price is amazing. Good luck hon!

I am 23 and have been taking Ortho TriCyclen Lo for the past five years. I did take a break for one year, but have currently been back on for the last year straight. I noticed that when I stopped taking birth control, I got acne, had hair loss, ovarian cysts, and really bad mood swings. I felt that after I got back on birth control my hormones have balanced out....but unfortunately I have been experiencing the same symptoms as I did when I was off birth control, while I am currently on the pill. After my first year of being on the pill, I developed ovarian cysts. I still have ovarian pain quit often (weekly). Being off the pill causes more cysts/ovarian pain for me. I eat very healthy and exercise regularly. I have had the first vaccine of Gardasil which is supposed to prevent HPV. I would not recommend it at all. Vaccines are very very bad in my opinion. I weigh 124 and do not have any children. I am going to try the black strap molasses and other herbal remedies along with more meditation. Good luck to all who are experiencing the same symptoms as me. I know it's hard, just try to stay positive and do your research before taking any new meds or starting a new regimen. :)

I've had good luck with juicing after reading The Detox Miracle Sourcebook and The Body Ecology Diet both from my library. Read the books entirely before starting as there are a few gotchas. Basically I have about 12 ounces of 'green' vegetable juice in the morning before breakfast and also follow the suggestions in this article (except no dairy). Now I always feel REALLY CLEAN like I just got out of the shower. I'm also taking Vitex for hormone balancing and plan to add Siberian Ginseng.

I have been on hormone replacement for 15 years,and have recently had a mastectomy, all is well, but my problem is I had to stop the hormone replacement, straight away, and after the op the doctors put me on to tablets to take the oestrogen out of my body, now I am having a problem with pain in my upper arms, my knees, and pain in my shoulders, I feel as if I need to replace something in my body to make me feel better, any ideas! Pat

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