8 Tips for Finding an Alternative Therapist ...


8 Tips for Finding an Alternative Therapist ...
8 Tips for Finding an Alternative Therapist ...

There are a huge variety of alternative therapies available today. Maybe you’ve been thinking of trying some out. But how do you pick a therapist from all the possibilities? What should you consider? As a trained therapist myself, I know what I’d look for and what I’d offer my clients. So here are my tips to help you find a good therapist.

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Word of Mouth

Personal recommendation is an excellent way to find an alternative therapist, as it is with most things. If they need a plumber, most people prefer to ask a friend for a name, rather than pick someone out of the Yellow Pages. The same thing goes here –your friends can recommend a therapist they were happy with.


Taster Sessions

Taster Sessions Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell

If you’re unwilling to commit to a full treatment, see if your local salons offer taster sessions. That way, you can try out different treatments and meet the therapists. You can also look out for mini sessions at fairs, or special offers such as ‘book one treatment, get a mini-one free’.



Check out their qualifications. Have they followed a recognized course of training? Are they registered with a trade organization? Be very wary of someone who calls themselves a therapist after an internet course or a weekend’s ‘training’. You simply cannot learn how to treat someone without proper training and practice sessions.


Ask for a Consultation

Have a chat with them over the phone or in person, and see what impression you gain. Is their attitude realistic? A reputable therapist would not claim to be able to cure all problems, and would also accept that conventional medicine can often be necessary.


Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition Photo Credit: goede

How does the therapist make you feel? Are you relaxed in their presence? If for whatever reason you are not comfortable with them personally, then you will not gain maximum benefit from the treatment.


Try Different Therapies

Don’t dismiss all alternative therapies just because the first one you tried didn’t work for you. Sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting before you find something that helps you. One person may find homeopathy was just what they needed, while another gets better results from acupuncture.


Ask Your Doctor

If you are on medication, or have serious health problems, it’s best to check with your doctor before you go ahead with alternative therapies. They may also be able to recommend a good therapist, or offer certain therapies within their practice.


Ask Questions

Ask Questions Photo Credit: therainbowroom

There are many questions that you may like to ask. How long have they been practicing? If you have a particular condition, do they have any experience of treating people with the same problem? What were the results? What happens during a session?

I hope this has helped you if you’re thinking of trying alternative therapies. Do you have any other tips? What therapies have you tried and found helpful?

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