7 Times to Intervene in a Friend's Life ...

A few weeks ago, I tuned in to watch a new breed of reality TV show, where friends and relatives of a person with a serious drug addiction step in and intervene. It was riveting and sad, and it made me wonder when and how these people decided it was time to intervene. I spoke to a couple of people who have done interventions, and here is their advice about when it needs to be done. Here are 7 times to intervene in a friend’s life…

1. If She’s Using Drugs

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It doesn’t matter whether she’s using meth or prescription drugs — any sort of drug addiction is dangerous, and if you know she has a drug addiction, you need to intervene immediately. This can be as simple as calling an ambulance if you find her dazed or passed out, or as formal as an actual intervention. Either way, the sooner you act, the better.

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